Thursday, March 15, 2007

Just like the 4-Non Blondes Song...

What's goin' on?

Okay, I've been a tad distant lately. My only defense is that I have a lot going on these days.

About a month ago I was told that I would be moving to a different position within my company - essentially it's a lot more work for the same pay and was not a promotion. Yeah, not exactly what I was looking for. So I had to leave my dealers - that I really do like - and switch to ones who, although nice, I do not especially like. It's just not the same and it stinks. :)

Around this SAME time, I was fostering a dog through the Rocky Mountiain Great Dane Rescue. The dog, Tawny, had some medical issues that I was going to have to take her to the vet for and I asked for some flexibility in my job time that day - in fact, I really thought we were going to have to put her down. Anyway, my boss said "if it was for you or a child, I could understand. Since it's just for a dog, you'll have to take vacation time." There was another big frustration that day which re-lit my fire to find a different job/career.

So, I started taking a course through Colorado Free University (note, it is NOT free!) to try to decide what I want to do when I grow up. There was a lot of testing, but what came out of it was that my personality was not like a typical engineer. Again, not exactly what I was looking for. BUT I did get some good insight to who I am as a person and some types of things that I find interesting. Top career choices that were computer generated were a little interesting. Like one was a math teacher. I might be open to that, but I would have to completely change my wardrobe! I mean, I'd need to get long skirts and sweaters that have apples or various holiday celebrations all over no.

Where am I now? Still the same job - although I've had one (and kinda' a half) interviews for a job that seems very promising. It'd be a pay cut, but also a way to get back into the technical side of things without losing my outgoing personality. :) The hiring manager seems really interested in me and the job seems like one that I'd enjoy.

The dog, Tawny, got adopted to a great lady...she's happy there. :) I've been doing other things to help the rescue out where I won't need the flexibility of my current job.

And I started going through my house to get rid of a lot of stuff...because I'm planning on moving. I'm planning on having my house on the market at the beginning of April...along with the nine million other houses in Highlands Ranch. :) Essentially, I'm going to be moving into a house that costs a lot less...debt is just icky sometimes and stuff is just stuff. I'd rather be free and happy to do what I want with my money and my job choices. I don't ever want to feel trapped again. :(

As far as stuff with Jon, things are great! We are planning on going "home" to El Paso for Easter to visit my mom and sisters. I personally think that he's brave for driving 12 hours with me in an enclosed space. :) Really, things should work out just fine...he's already met my family and they seem to really like him.

So, if I haven't really responded to you - or it's been major slow, I'm sorry. :(

I'll update you more on things as they progress!