Sunday, September 30, 2007

Catch up

Okay...I'm saying it. I'm sometimes a bad communicator. When I'm stressed and busy, I suck more about keeping in touch than when I'm not.

So for those that have the time, here's what's new in my life...

1) The house: I got two offers on the same day a couple of weeks ago. This past week, my house passed inspection which means that I should be able to close on November 9th like I'd planned. This would be sheer happiness, but I still haven't found a place to move into yet. I bet I've seen over 70 properties and I have only found one that really *felt* like home. The problem is that I offered what the place is actually worth...and the owner/investor feels like it's worth a lot more. I'd love to have emotion sweep me away on this one so I'd offer more, but the house (although I really love it) just isn't worth that. And I don't want to be not able to sell it later down the road. The big problem is that when I took this new job back in April, it came with a big pay deduction. So I'm doing the responsible thing by decreasing my debt load and my payment. But since I want to also live in Denver where the rest of the young, single, and semi-sane people live, I'm decreasing quite a bit in house. I've come to terms with living in a condo, row home, or half of a duplex...but unfortunately in the areas I'm looking in, they're just not feeling right. Since my offer was not accepted (and they're not going lower than their asking price), I'm off to look at places again today. I'm bummed, but I also know that even if I have to rent for awhile, I hope I'll be able to figure out where I should live.

2. Chassis: For those that don't know, my dog has had some significant health problems lately...she's shaking (almost like she's got Parkinsons) when she sits or lays down. I've had a neurologist look at her and the consensus is that she has hypothyroidism (rare in dogs her age) and that it might stop the tremors. She has been on medication for about 4 weeks and so far no change. But the doctors feel she's not in pain, so we're living with it. :)

3. My health: I've been sick for over a week now and it's not really getting better. I'm not sure what's up, but I'm sneezing, coughing, and yuckify-ing everything in my house. :) I went to the doctor last week, and they thought that I had a sinus infection so they gave me antibiotics. I felt better for awhile, but I'm feeling worse again. Not so much fun...and really not a convenient time. :) Dude, I am BUSY! :) I don't have time to be sick right now. Yes, on some level I do realize how silly that sounds.

4. Work: Okay, so the job that I really liked (and still do) is going okay. But there has been a regime change in my office and I now have a new supervisor. My supervisor's name is Dale and he is someone I not only can't stand but someone I can't respect. He says foul, offensive, and sexually suggestive things CONSTANTLY. He doesn't hit on me, but he jokes about being gay all the time with other people in the office. And he does it in a way to be demeaning towards homosexuals. I guess he thinks it's funny...but since I have close friends that are gay, I really don't find it funny at all. I haven't figured out if he's a hateful person or if he's just socially stupid. For instance, I've heard him tell stories about when he slept with prostitues in VietNam. I've been a tom-boy my whole life...and I really can hang with the guys. But I don't really want to hear my 60 year old boss talk about prostitutes that he nicknamed "Scar Belly." I don't feel that that's appropriate and I don't want to hear it! But that's not all. When he sees personal faxes for people, he throws them away. He'll come up to people on the phone and either yell in their office or literally hang up on the person they're talking to. He signs up people for mail order items without their knowledge so they get sent and charged to their houses. He thinks it's funny to steal things from people's desks and not give them back. He doesn't deal with things when they come up in a confrontational manor - instead, he chooses to talk about them behind their back with the rest of us. And he's the one that got promoted!!! It doesn't actaully say a lot about my company and who they feel are management material. I don't see me working for this company for much longer if he's the a-hole that I have to see and communicate with daily. And that's a bummer.

5. Family: My grandmother moved from Washington DC to Chicago about a month ago to be near my dad. She has dimentia and was found wandering outside her house not knowing where she was. So now she's in a home in Chicago where my dad can keep a better eye on her. A little over a week ago it seemed like she had had a small stroke because she didn't know where she was again and was having more health issues. She's now been discharged from the hospital, but the last time I talked to her and I mentioned that I would see her at Christmas, she just replied "We'll see. I probably won't be here then." So not looking good there.

So with all these things going on, I'm just a tad stressed. :)

I do miss you...even if I don't communicate as often as I should. I hope I'll have better news and be more like my happy, cheerful self the next time I blog. Until then, know that I do care...even if I don't call or write as often as I should.