Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Why I leave work crying most days

As I alluded to below, I received an award for being all around awesome last year at a training session. They called the award the "Kicking Butt" award. However, our office already had the habit of screaming/yelling "JACKASS!" at people if they did something wrong. And in case you're wondering, I do not work for a sensitivity training company. Anyway, the night that I got the award, a co-worker of mine was drunk on the free alcohol that they had been serving...so he kept yelling "JACKASS!" at me as I got the award. It was oh-so fantastic. He left the company shortly after us returning to Denver.

Here is the picture of me getting the award. And my hair which was usually spikey, flippy, and fun was conquered by Houston's summer humidity...thus me looking like I was wearing a dead muppet on my head.

Upon getting back from the training, my trophy was quickly confiscated by the office - labeling it "Jackass" and placing it in people's cubes when they made an especially stupid mistake.
Example: Lance came up to me one day and said, "I can't figure out why I can't log in to get our expense report submitted. I followed all of the instructions and it still won't work." So I went to his cube only to find out that IN the username field he typed "username" rather than his actual username (i.e. the thing we type about 55 billion times a day). Lance received the jackass award until the next person made a similar type mistake. Sadly, this happens more often than what you'd think.
So, our next bunch went to the same training a few months later. Since they had to fly out on a Sunday, a new employee decided to wear his Broncos jersey to show support for the first game of the season. And when he woke up in the morning, realized he didn't pack any shirts so he wore his jersey that day and then had to buy more shirts in the gift shop of the hotel.

We knew we were going to give him the award for that, but I felt that if the employee needed shirts, perhaps our award needed one too. That's why I made him a Hawaiian shirt.

I also added the sticker to his butt - mainly because I didn't want to see the butthole of an ass. Trust me, it's disturbing.

Here is a close up of the award so you can see the sneer on his face - and also my fancy artwork. Just so you know, he's sporting a super fly collar on the shirt.

And also? I don't know how to label this post - if it should be things I will miss about my job or things that I won't.


Anonymous said...

We had a Dead Sparrow award in college for similar behaviors. Except it was an actual dead sparrow. So be happy with the trophy.

Lisa (the girls' moma) said...

Why would they think that trophy was appropriate to give someone in the first place? Your use for it is way more appropriate.

And, thanks for the smiley face sticker. Seriously.

Patty said...

This is too funny. I love how you put the sticker on him. I should try to get some kind of award for people at work. Although, one person in particular would probably keep the award because she says and does really stupid stuff all the time.