Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Don't know what you forgot, until you're gone...

The title of this post is a bastardization of the one Cinderella song I know.

This morning, I woke up bright and early to pack for my trip to Chicago. I have never been good about packing the night before. I'm not sure if I'm waiting for some epiphany on what I should wear during the trip, but packing before the day of the trip just seems wrong. If it means that I get up at 2 AM, then so be it. I'm a dedicated procrastinator.

Anyway, when I am driving in my car, I usually have a feeling of anxiousness, excitement, dread, or something else that gets my stomach all jittery. That is, until I remember what it is that I forgot at home. I always forget SOMETHING no matter how many times I look at my suitcase and go through my mental list of what I need. I know, you're thinking, "Gee Anne. You're pretty anal retentive. And you enjoy lists. Why not make a list for the stuff you need on the trip?" My response would be "Did you just call me pretty? Aww...thanks."

Anyway, I do feel anxious driving away from my house until I realize that thing that I did not pack. And then I feel relaxed and ready to start my trip.

For those that are interested, today it was loose powder. You know, for my make me even prettier.


Bonnie said...

As a fellow procrastinator I totally get what you mean. I used to do the exact same thing until I realized you can't do that anymore when you have kids. I tried doing that when I first had Spencer, and on our first major trip home to visit I forgot "DIAPERS!" Thank God they sell everything at the airport. Now I pack the night before anytime the boys are involved in the trip. I still wait for the morning of if it is just me.

Amy said...

I am the same way about packing. I do not know how many times I look in my bag to make sure it is all there. Then when I get there I want to look in again. Oh well if I forgot something I can just buy it.

Great Pics

the girls' moma said...

I can pack about half of my things the night before. But my toiletries (including loose powder) HAVE to be packed the morning of.