Thursday, November 20, 2008

Disproving my own stupid point

I love my Mac. I just want to get that out there - that if you happen to be a person that has used a PC for most of your adult life, know that I feel you. And I still love my Mac. I encourage you to switch too.

Since I bought it last December, I've noticed that where I put my wrists on the pad has started peeling. Yes, the hard plastic. And it sucks.

So I took my laptop in yesterday and the very helpful guy at the Genius Bar said that he could have his tech guys fix it for free, but that they would need to keep it until today. I knew that this might happen, so I gave over my laptop.

Here's the thing: I got home and it's almost like I didn't know how to function without my laptop.

I knew I didn't have it. It usually sits on the arm of my couch - where I can charge it or type while I'm watching TV or listening to the radio. So every time I looked over I KNEW it wasn't there.

But I found myself continually checking. It was like I had Alzheimer's last night. I'd think of something, dismiss it, wait five seconds, think about something trivial to try to get my mind off of my computer, then realize something else that I wanted to do on my computer, and then realize that I don't have it again. Rinse, repeat. It was a cycle that was starting to drive me crazy.

It was as I was going to bed that I realized that if I wanted to buy a pizza, I really couldn't. I mean, I don't have their number and I couldn't look it up on my I couldn't order it on the phone. I can't order it on my non-existant computer. I don't keep any phone books in the house (why should I? I have a computer!) and I don't keep their fliers - because typically they only incentivize copious amounts of food which is something I'm not likely to order anyway.

What's the only option left? ORDERING IT VIA TIVO.



Patty said...

The way I see it you did what you had to do. I mean come were helpless and without your most comfortable source of technology. I completely understand.

You are too funny!!!

happyfunpants said...

To be honest, I didn't actually order the pizza. :)

But it occurred to me that if I wanted pizza, I wouldn't have any other option...

So perhaps they're marketing to people who have become overly reliant on their computers and then are without them for a limited period of time...

Amy said...

I have a Mac.

Bonnie said...

I've had to give up the laptop for repairs before, and I totally get where you're coming from. It's an addiction just like coffee! Do they have Computer Users Anonymous?

Ginger said...


We work with Macs on the Magazine and the kids have a love hate relationship with them, especially when we are on deadline.

I wanted a Mac but couldn't afford one. But I love my HP. She's pretty.

SuperDave said...

Isn't it weird how addicted we are to our gadgets.

the girls' moma said...

Do you mean the corners are starting to pop up a little on the sides? If so, um, I have no idea what you are talking about.

Oh, how I wish I still lived in civilization where I could go to an Apple store. I didn't know how good I had it.

LOVE my Mac. I'd be the same way without it. When we have power outages or something I'm totally like that.

Can you say "addiction"?