Saturday, November 22, 2008

I've made a decision

I'm going to buy a camera. :)

I figured that one of the side benefits of losing weight is being able to have updated pictures - both on here and myspace...and online dating sites if that's how I chose to proceed.

I was really debating which camera to get - one like my friend, Lisa, or one that I wouldn't cry if it got lost. Incidentally, that IS what happened to my last camera. In fact, any pictures on here since May are ones where I've had to get other people drunk just to steal borrow their camera and take pictures that I wanted. Not the cheapest solution by any means.

Another option would be to break into someone's house and literally steal theirs, but then I remembered that I don't think I would like prison.


Jen said...

Good For You! I want to see pictures!!! Of ones with you not in a white and black striped jumpsuit!!

SuperDave said...

I love pics. The only problem is that I'm never in the picture because I'm always taking the shots..
Just seen your tweeter comment. I just got finished watching Shaun of the Dead myself. Hilarious!!

Ginger said...

Cameras are tricky - as in I want a really, really nice one and can easily talk myself into paying billions of dollars for one since I have such lovely friends, not to mention a freaking adorable baby. But the one I have works OK, and I sort of feel some nostalgia for it - it's been everywhere with me.

Just in case, though, let me know what your camera search (reasearch) brings..

Anonymous said...

Buy an iPhone.

the girls' moma said...

Ok, the little pocket ones are amazing these days. I was shopping with my mom for one recently and I was blown away by the features they have. And they are almost all 10 mg pics now! So you really can't go wrong getting a new camera. I'm excited for you!