Friday, November 21, 2008

Someone, slap me

So I've been thinking about doing some online dating...again.

I know two couples that met over the internet and seem to be happy with each other...but I also have horror stories of my own.


Anything else you've tried?

And no, none of my friends here in Denver know people who would be a good match.


SuperDave said...

I have known 2 people that are now married from the online thing.
One thing that is nice is that through the pc you can find many things about about a person, by simply typing. It helps screen the weirdos without having to actually see them.
Good luck on the manhunt.

Amy said...

Two of my friends met on line. They are now married and have two children. They are very happy and still in love. It can work. I did the on line dating thing. I met some strange guys, and some fun ones. It was a different way of dating. I say have fun and be careful. You are only single once you know!

Bonnie said...

Good Luck!

POD said...

I've been with my bf for just over 5 years. Met him on yahoo personals.

I dated quite a a few guys after my husband died that I met through yahoo and Lots of weirdos though I had lots of fun too and finally met a great guy.

I believe a picture isn't fair to the don't really do me justice either. So if you look at someone and they look goofy in their pic, see if you can overlook that goofiness to see what the person is like in real life. Unless they are really icky-icky.

My best advice DO NOT communicate too long with any one individual via email or phone. You should set them up (rack'em) and weed them out quickly. Meet for coffee -- that's brief. See if you connect in a half hour and then, move on. It is my experience that people can really create a persona online and once you meet them, they're someone else. (oh, no, it's THEM! -- only it's the real THEM!)

Life's too short to spend that much time yakking on the phone just to be really disappointed once you meet them in person.

the girls' moma said...

Wow, I totally agree with that last commenter, POD. Do it and get it over with. I'd avoid giving out my number at all costs, or at least avoid the phone thing. And skip the dinners. Do coffee, and be honest -- if we get along and you're not a creepy weirdo, we can do dinner later. Anyone who can't take that won't be able to take YOU.

I also know a couple who met online and married and are parents of 2 little ones. It can happen.

Do you listen to Dan Savage's "Savage Love" podcast? He is awesome, and Dan would tell you to go for it. He highly recommends online dating for a chance to screen people and their interests before you meet in person.

And, if you don't listen to Dan, you are totally lame. Go NOW to iTunes or and download him immediately. You will CRACK UP. Dan is AWESOME.

Scale Junkie said...

I know several couples who have met online. One met through eharmony the other met recently through events and adventures. My friend has a rule of meeting them within a week and deciding if its worth pursing she has found that the ones hesitant to meet have been married or don't look like their all.

Good luck!

Patty said...

I think you should definitely go for it. It didn't work out for me. Read today's post on my blog if you want to know more.

I also have a friend that married a guy she met online. They are very happy and still married.

Skye said...

Met the love of my life online, he and our 15 month old son are asleep upstairs right now.