Sunday, November 02, 2008


I love Sundays. I really love watching the football games live - but since I'm not rich and didn't turn in my name for season tickets 20 years ago, I have to settle for watching the Broncos game on TV.

One of the things I love is that every time the team that is playing us doesn't catch the ball, the whole stadium yells "INCOMPLETE!!" It's more like "IN-COME-PLEAT!" because they draw it out. The sound guy plays a taunting "wah wah wahhh" sound afterwards. It's a great way to heckle people I don't know. And you know me and heckling - I love it.

The first year I moved to Denver, I went to a great game with my friend Jim. So there was a woman that sat near us and about halfway through the second quarter, she turned to me and asked what was being chanted after a particular play where the ball was overthrown. I told her and she shyly said that she thought they were saying "Nincompoop." :)

So when I have been at live games since, I always shout "NIN-COME-POOP!!" because that is WAY funnier. It is also greater in heckle points. And won't you all feel stupid if in heaven God really wasn't counting all the great things you did, but rather your balance of heckle points? Who would be the nincompoop then?


Jen said...

Haha!! That is funny!! I do believe God has a sense of humor so you just Never know!!

SuperDave said...

Sockthing, Sry that your Broncos lost today :(
It was a good game though. I do miss living in the larger cities where you can "root" for the hometeam..

Ginger said...

Did you catch the Texas Tech v. Texas game? Dude! That rocked.

the girls' moma said...

Um, why you guys gotta be all posting about friggin' football today? I GOT NOTHIN.

kristi said...

I love Sundays too! Although, here on the west coast you have to have "Football Breakfast" if your team is playing the early game, as it starts at 10am! That took some getting used to. Sorry the Broncs lost... so did the Lambs. I mean Rams.