Friday, August 29, 2008

Who's that lady?

Do you remember that commercial where they were playing the "Who's That Lady?" song as a woman was walking around...and they even had a kid that was singing it on a bus? I don't even kind of know what that ad was for, but if I were in a commercial these days, mine would be like. Well, maybe with more bow-chica-wow-wows. :) The commercial I'd be in? So glad you asked. Hair. :) The receptionists stopped me yesterday and asked if I had done something new with my hair. And I was all YES! I'm so glad you asked an innocent question. Let me bore you with the details of my new hair care system. Oh, and it's so soft! See for yourself...touch my hair. No, don't be shy...come on, touch it. TOUCH IT.

Aside from that, I did have a complete stranger yesterday tell me that she wished her hair could be styled like mine. And after I realized that she was talking to me and that she was not blind, I was quite flattered.

This Wen Hair Care System? I'm telling far it's working for me. I may hate in in a little while, but so far, muy bueno.

In other news, I am going to be leaving here momentarily to go to work for a half a day and then flying to Chicago and driving to Peoria to be with my best friend, Kelly. I think I always say this, but this trip couldn't have come at a better time. I'm in need of good conversation, someone who loves me unconditionally, some hugs and slobbering from her bulldog (Princess Buttercup), and of course, consumption of bottles of wine.

Plus, did I tell you that I made her an afghan? Well, I did. And I even tried a new technique - looks pretty cool if I do say so myself. This was a thank you for her making me a quilt out of all my old t-shirts. When she was up here in May we took out my t-shirts I've been saving for this task (not knowing that she would offer to do it for me), laughed about the good times, drank some wine, and then mercilessly cut up my memories so that she could haul them back with her. Some of them were hard to let go, but thank goodness she left me my St. Pat's sweatshirts. :) Anyway, I can't wait to see the quilt. She's done this before and I know she did a fabulous job.

I'm excited and relieved that relaxation is close. Not having to be strong will be a great change - if only for the weekend.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Redheaded Stepchildren take the field!

So my fantasy football team, the Redheaded Stepchildren, has been finalized.

Here's the thing, when I went to the girl's dinner last night I was struck again how the redheaded people at my table did not appreciate my team name. One person in particular - who I will point out is NOT a stepchild (and to my knowledge, never been beaten like one) - crinkles her nose in disgust every time I mention it. Look, the phrase is funny. GET OVER IT.

By the by, we had dinner which was quite enjoyable and I saw a new baby for the first time. Just like I admitted, I hogged him. He was so tiny and cute and sweet. One of the ladies asked me if I wanted kids of my which I believe I said "Yes...Oh...No." I do think I want kids. But what I want more than that is a committed partner who will help me with said kids. Because I think the task of being a single mom (even if you're married and the hubby isn't around) sounds like one of the hardest things I'd ever have to do. And although I'm working on my patience threshold, I'm pretty sure that the months of constant crying while trying to deal with your body doing weird things and any depression issues all by yourself would be just overwhelming. Having a partner or family that is close by who would help you with that would make things easier. I'm terrified of doing it by myself. Good thing I don't even kind of have anyone interested in participating in baby-making activities. Because that would be just horrible. Wait...I miss the baby-making activities. (sigh) Well, anyway, the baby was adorable.

So, back to my original reason for posting, last night we had our draft- and for those that care, my team is listed below. I think I'm going to have a pretty good season. I better have a good season. With all the crap I get about how girls shouldn't be allowed to play on the league (the current poll up on our league's website is: Who is better at football: Men or Women? SHOCKER that I'm the only person who voted for women) and because I'm the only female I get PILES of crap about it. So I just want to win enough money so that the entry fee is made back.

QB: B. Roethlisberger (see? I do like Pittsburgh :) )
RB: D. McFadden
RB: L. Tomlinson (oh yeah! :) )
WR: C. Johnson (I'll be dropping him soon)
WR: W. Welker
TE: C. Cooley
Kicker: S. Gostkowski
Defense: SD Chargers

D. Driver (WR)
J. Stewart (RB)
T. Sheffler (TE)
K. Curtis (WR)
M. Hasselbeck (QB)
S. Young (RB - my only Denver pick!)
J. Scobee (kicker)
NY Giants (defense)

And can I just point out that all of the squabbling and pettiness has been from the guys on the league? I've never heard a bigger bunch of pansies whine about how things aren't fair since...well...LAST SEASON. Which is the season that I kicked their butts.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My new annoying habit

First, kudos for me for knowing that I have an annoying habit...or two or four or twenty hundred.

Okay - so I've just done it twice in a row and I think it's frickin' hilarious.

I have something to throw away (either in the recyling container or the actual trash can). I'll walk really clost to the container and then throw it in. And then I throw my hands up in the air as if I've just done something that no one else can do. I even added a "did you see that shot?!??!" to someone this past time.

That's funny.

Know what else cracked my stuff up this morning? The phrase "happily prancing Lance" from my recent post. It's just something that's fun to mealybug or banana hammock.

And yes, I am fully aware that these quirks will probably mean I will continue to be single the rest of my life.

Monday, August 25, 2008

My new look...from 6 months ago

This weekend, I got my haircut. We all remember the last time, right?

Well, this haircut was better - in the sense that it has more layers and I look less like the guy from the Starburst commercial. But it amazes me that it is now the same length and styling as in my profile picture. So, my fresh new 'do? It's me - 6 months ago.

I tell myself that I've had at least 3 inches cut off in the last six months and that that has to mean that it is healthier. And healthier hair means I'm more likely to be called for a Pantene commercial.

But, OOOH! Speaking of hair care products, I did order the Wen hair care system by Chaz Dean. If you've seen the infomercials, you might think that I'm crazy. It's only a cleansing conditioner - no shampooing. No lathering, and apparently less color fading.

I'm on day two with the new regime and so far very undecided. I'll let you know if people stop me on the street to ask what shampoo I use...only because then I'll be able to say I don't shampoo at all. Stranger's shocked faces of awe and delight and a husband can't stop smelling my hair because it's so fantastic is exactly what I'm going for.

Well, that or just a husband.


I'm not quite sure how to post this. The thing is, I've been thinking about it for some time. And something like this should be done in such a manner that it is friendly.

See, I have straight friends, I have gay friends, I have friends that dabble in both. And I'm sensitive to the plights that all people face.

"Bob" just started here a couple of weeks ago and let's just say I think "Bob's" name might really be Roberta.

I think this because:
1) Bob has no Adam's Apple
2) Bob has a very smooth and feminine jawline
3) Bob has some serious boobs. They are disproportionate to his body size
4) Bob sashays when he walks
5) Bob wears his pants belted very high on his body - which shows that Bob has a weird feminine bulge that would go above the kitty. And it's disproportionate to his body size...
6) Bob only wears jeans and plaid shirts - like Bob's trying too hard to be masculine
7) When I said, "You know, Bob, guys will never understand about how much panty hose sucks, don't you agree?" Bob said "I totally know what you mean, sister!"

Okay, I *might* be making up the last point. But all the rest are true.

Listen, I'm a Bob-lover. I'm not trying to be mean. But I'm enthralled. Like I have tons of questions and I can't stop thinking about it.

I'm hoping that by me posting about it, it will somehow stop being so taboo. Because I wouldn't talk to anyone about this at work. I mean, other than MM...but he reads this blog so I think it's okay. Anyway, if he used to be a Roberta I don't want a swirl of talk around him...I want him to live his new new life as Bob as happy and free as any Bob deserves.

Is this tacky that I'm writing about it? I don't even know.'s GGGGGRRRReat

I'm trying not to growl in frustration.

I'm trying to remember that the DNC is a great thing to be had in our town.


I also have to leave for work significantly earlier because they've closed down a major street that I live just off of...and the traffic that is being redirected is crazy. On Thursday they'll have shut down parts of the highway because of his speech at Invesco Mile High.

And I can't be liking that.

Doesn't Obama know that I'm happy about the democratic party and the process UNTIL it starts affecting my life? Sheesh.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Highlighting Eric Hutchinson

Today on my way to work, I thought about sulking because my normal early morning phone buddy is indisposed for the time being. Since I couldn't call and gab, I decided that I'd chill to some tunes. I was grabbing in my purse to try to find my itty bitty tiny iPod and all I kept coming up with was balled up Kleenex (possibly used), tampons (not used), coins consisting of mostly pennies, various IDs from the bodies I've killed, mints from Chick-Fil-A, my handguns, and of course, receipts from restaurants that promise the chance to win $2500 if you fill out their survey. I opted to listen to the radio.

Eric Hutchinson's "Rock and Roll" came on KBCO and I loved it. I've been streaming his music at work (a BIG no-no where I work) while making a list of items I'd like to steal from our supply closet (apparently not such a big no-no).

I highly recommend him. He's like Josh Kelley meets Justin Timberlake meets Jason Mraz meets me. :) Or so I dream.

Oh! And now I have clicky highlighters. You know, for those times when you need to highlight something STAT and precious seconds would be wasted by cap removal.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


I'm trying to ponder if I like the song "Ride the Train" so much because:
a) I'm an engineer
2) it brings back great memories of dancing in the quad while people were playing volleyball
iii) I miss the person who sent me the song

I'll get back to you on the answer once I figure it out. But really? I've probably listened to it so much in the last 24 hours, that I my neighbors might think that I run a rave...from 1996.

Meanwhile, know that I went to a pre-dating event tonight. It was fun and I promise I'll write about it later...but here's a taster.

Overheard from the other stall in the women's bathroom after the event:
Woman A: UGH that was so embarrasing!
Woman B: What?
A: Well I was talking to him and I was telling him about my job.
B: Uh-huh...
A: And then he said "Well, my job is really interesting too!"
B: Uh-huh...
A: And I said, "Are you in porn?" And he said, "No. I'm a pastor."
B: Oh.
A: So then I said, "Oh GOD! I'm so sorry - did I just sin? Oh God! I did it again. Oh...gosh! I keep taking His name in vain!"
B: Oh no!

AND........... SCENE!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Happy birthday, Jo. :)

Joella's birthday is today.

I know Joella from college - she lived in the room next door to my during my freshman year. And she and I have been friends ever since! :) Jo and I also worked together as camp counselors at an all boy's camp. I taught horseback riding and she taught arts and crafts. We were lucky - we had our very own air conditioned cabin. Jo is also the first person that I ever drank with. I think I had one wine cooler - and I was (gasp!) 20. So really, any drunken debauchery that you all have been privy to with me is ALL JOELLA'S FAULT. That's the story I'm sticking to. Anyway, I looked and although I have pictures of those times, I don't have them in digital format. All the more reason to get a scanner - I KNOW.

I was even the maid of honor at her wedding...which was the wedding that I probably had the most fun at (no offense to anyone else!). The dancing at the reception was full of the people that were still in, or just out, of college. I want a party celebrating my wedding to be just as fun. As I recall, I even danced to YMCA, which really should prove to her that I love her as I so very much hate that song.

Joella and her husband just had a baby - after long, long, long last. Sarah Elizabeth was born very premature, but after months in the hospital, she is finally home with her family - right where she belongs. Jo and Mark have an amazing story about their baby - one that is so very wonderful. They tried years to have a baby and went through the process to adopt a baby from another country. Right in the middle of the process, they found out they were pregnant. No one in the Sommerhauser family has had the easiest times, but I like to think that they cherish their togetherness all the more.

This picture is one of the few digital ones I have of Jo and I. It was at our friends, Justin and Melissa Ryan's wedding. Man...we look good - if I do say so myself. :)

Happy birthday, Jo - here's to hoping this year is your best year yet!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

RIP LeRoi Moore of Dave Matthews Band

Just found out that LeRoi Moore, saxophonist of the Dave Matthews Band, died tonight.

Apparently he had an ATV accident in West Virginia and was being treated for intense injuries.

People, this is a sad day for music. LeRoi was an AMAZING saxophonist. His improvisations were innovative and mind blowing and I'm saddened to know that the only way I'll hear him again is on tracks that have already been laid down. When Elizabeth and I saw DMB in July, they were sans LeRoi and I'm not going to lie to you - it just wasn't the same. :(

His talent will definitely be missed.

New math rules...

So Sunday I went out to go get a gift card for a friend who has a birthday coming up. I really did just go in the retail store JUST for the gift card.

Umm...I came out with a bit more than the gift card. Here's the thing. They had a sale where almost every item in the store was at least 40% off. Some items were WAY more than 40% off.

I decided to heap my arms full of clothes to try on in the dressing rooms. That's when I heard that the songs they were playing were making me want to slit my wrists.

No really.

Like the lyrics to one song were something like:
"I miss you so much.
You're the only thing that
ever gave me a reason to live.
Without you I'll probably trip
over my shoes that I left near
the stairs, fall down, and lay there
paralyzed because I don't live with anyone anymore.
I didn't order the Med-Alert necklace I'll likely stay here and rot."

I think some titles were "Me and My Cat (We Only Need Each Other)" and "Yes, I'm at the Grocery Store Buying Single Serving Items - It's Because He Left Me." Okay...maybe not, but I remembered thinking that "All By Myself" was going to come on at any moment.

Luckily, I was out of the dressing rooms quickly. I bought a nice shirt that was $4.99 - regularly over $40. Like, the bras I get (which yes, are big enough to parachute with) were on sale for $9.99. Each bra must have to cost the little Malaysian people like $15.00 to make - for fabric and the fact that it must take days to build those things... plus there is the freight...and yes - for just one bra. Haha make all the jokes you want about 'em - I've heard them all. And note, I am not saying you should make jokes. Because when you're sleeping, I CAN SMOTHER YOU.

Seriously. It's almost like it's a crime NOT to buy it. When you factor in that they had already spent more than that on advertising, workers salaries, and those little theft deterrants, they're practically giving them away. Which means they're free. And who wouldn't want FREE things? See? Math IS easy and fun.

Monday, August 18, 2008


Dear God:

I'm sorry for the time that I snapped off the heads of my cousin's Barbie dolls. Fine. I'm sorry for all the times I did that.

I'm sorry for laughing when people fall down the stairs...after I find out that they're okay.

I'm sorry for deliberately letting my dog slobber on that uptight lady at the dog park last year.

I'm sorry for not sharing the baby-holding time as equally as I probably should during some of the Girl's Dinners. But really, that might be your fault. Babies feel so wonderful - can I really be blamed for wanting that time to continue? Wait. Now I'm blaming you. This isn't going well.

I guess I'll get right to it.

If you'd please take away this headache (you know, the one that's been pounding in my head for the whole day and is only getting worse), I'd sure appreciate it.


Sunday, August 17, 2008

My exciting Saturday

I was enjoying my day yesterday when I noticed that it had been a little while since I had encouraged Chassis to potty outside. She hadn't eaten anything in the past day, but since that isn't exactly rare, I wasn't worried.

Finally, during a break in the rain, Chassis went potty. And then without getting too gross, let's just say that she was trying to get everything out of her system. She topped that off by panting and groaning. Knowing that something was off (and fearing gastric torsion - a HUGE problem for Great Danes where their tummies flip inside their bodies and they end up dying quickly) I ran inside to call the vet. By the time I had gotten outside again she started throwing up.

I hung up and called the ER vet confirming that they were open and where I thought they were.

By the time we got to the vet, she was fine. A little clingy (which is interesting in a dane), but fine. Definitely not showing the signs of bloat. I was concerned that it might have something to do with her behavior (and faking behavior) on Friday. You know..the day that I called her a deceptive bitch. My vet assured me that, although faking potty would be rare, she seemed fine.

Her blood was drawn just in case and tested for toxins, poisoning, and even for Addison's Disease. All of which came back as fine.

I'm sure I probably jumped the gun when it came to getting her to the vet...but the fact that she did all that weird behavior withing a span of 20 minutes completely freaked me out...that and the thought that it might be that she was bloating was enough to have me get her checked out any way. Turns out, she just had a bulimic moment.

The bummer of it all was that it meant that I didn't want to leave her alone all night...which meant canceling my place at a dinner party with the Raymans. Rachel (the newly married Mrs. Rayman) is a friend of mine and she had planned a great swordfish steak dinner...oh and I heard they also had bagel crisps. :)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Happy belated birthday, JEN! :)

Today I realized that I forgot someone's birthday this week.

August 14th is my friend Jennifer's birthday. She and I have been friends since I joined my high school band in 1992. We were both on in the saxophone section and her friendliness made high school tolerable. She is one of the sweetest people I know and is always willing and able to help if she can. You know...angelic. The kind of person my mom always wanted me to be.

The only digital picture I have of Jen is one that she posted in February. It was of us going to prom together. And no....I don't mean "together-together" - please we were good Christian kids...then. I actually had a date with (gasp!) a senior, Steve Navarro. He was so nice and was in the orchestra. At the last minute (maybe a week before prom) I canceled on him...too scared to go through with it. What? I had never been kissed before and was terrified. I know. It was lame. And he should've kicked my booty (or at least written nasty comments in my yearbook) but instead was the gentleman that he professed to be. He was kind, gracious, and forgiving...just like the kind of guy my mom wanted me to have as my first boyfriend. Oh well.

Anyway, here is the picture (please keep in mind that that was back in 1993 - where I'm pretty sure satin puffy dresses were quite the rage). AND just in case you wanted to know, that was Jen's house. And yes, I do believe that is a gun behind us. Just like what every prom photo should have in it. Actually, Jen was dating a guy named Dan at the time...I'm not sure why he didn't escort her to the dance. Perhaps he was scared of the gun... or maybe her dad. I'm not saying her dad is just like James Bond from any 007 movie...but let's just say he's closer to that than you'd think. :)
She's agreed to see me when I'm in town over Christmas - something I hope she doesn't regret. :)

Jen, I'm sorry for missing your birthday. :( It was not a sign of my un-love...bur rather forgetfulness.

Friday, August 15, 2008

It's raining, it's pouring, Chassis is in her bed snoring

So it's been pouring rain all day today...and you don't have to be a scientist to know that that makes the ground wet. Since Colorado has been short on rain this summer, our ground has been dry and thus, not able to sop up all the rain we've gotten in the last 24 hours.

Chassis, the biggest baby of a dog I know, refuses to go potty in the rain. After work today she didn't want to go outside. I had to stand out there with her constantly commenting "Go Potty!" trying to make it sound like a fun game rather than being irritated at the rain falling on me too. I even tried to explain this to her as she looked at me with sad eyes, her big ol' body shivering in the cold.

I was all, Chassis...I get you. You're cold. So am I. Go potty and we can both go inside for a hot toddy.

So she slowly lumbered to the "yard" that I have (currently covered in at least a half inch of rain water) and squatted. I did my usual "good girl!" praising...only until I realized that she wasn't even peeing.

She was faking peeing so that she didn't have to stand outside in the rain!

On one hand, I'm somehow proud that she realized that fake potty-ing means no more rain, no more shivering, and warm cuddling on the couch.

On the other hand, I'm saddened that my dog is a deceptive bitch.

P.S. We've tried again three other times tonight. Each time she's gone outside it's consisted of her continually shaking her body in the rain right outside the door - she won't even venture in the "yard" again. And why would she? It might involve getting her paws wet. Clearly, she has a tough life.

Unhappy feet

I am sitting at my desk in my cubicle. I have on jeans, sneakers (that's what they're called people - I don't play tennis in these), a long sleeved t-shirt, a fleece jacket (standard clothing attire if you live in Colorado), a blanket draped across my lap, and a heater set on high which is aimed in my general direction.

And I am freezing.

This is because the temperature outside of my cube is roughly 34 degrees. Or at least that's what it feels like. There is literally a draft of cold are whooshing by my cube. The temperature IN my cube is a warm 59 degrees thanks to the heater and the heat that my churning brain puts off.

My co-workers (people who are either currently going through menopause or are "man" enough not to whine about it being cold) are apparently perfectly fine. Lance commented that he could feel the breeze, but that it felt good. Good? What are you, a member of the polar bear society?

He's practically dancing a jig outside my cube, chatting happily with other sadists outside my cube as if to taunt me out into the cold. Well didn't that kid from Narnia fall from that? No, not either one of the girls. No, not the good one that saved the world. The one that was the bad kid - who got into the sleigh with the Ice Queen. Sure, he was also lured by "turkish delights" (which are, by the way, NOT delightful) but I'm pretty sure he was also lured out into the cold by Lance, a happily prancing Lance.

I'm not falling for it.

If you need me, I'll be searching Google for office appropriate North Face gear.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Twitter me this...

So...Twitters. They are way fun things that I'm not sure I'll actually keep up with.

Often I think of one liners that crack me up. But perhaps not so much other people.

Just in case I've added myself to the Twitter revolution. Not sure what it is? It's a way to update people in one liners. I didn't really get it at first and I sometimes still don't, but when I read other people's twitters they crack my shizzle up.

So, for your viewing pleasure, my twitters are on the right side of this page. See?


First, I can't believe I haven't posted in a couple of days. What is wrong with me? Where are my priorities? Sheesh.

Okay, so I've been on this kick to be as thrifty, cheap, or green as possible. And it's addicting.

For instance, I am now trying to buy things that are in "green" containers so that they're easier to recycle. As soon as I'm done with these Ziplock bags, I'm going to switch to aluminum foil - because that's better to recycle. Not too bad so far, huh?

Well, apparently I'm also consumed with finishing up every little thing around the house. Like I was doing laundry on Sunday and I was all, by fall I'm going to be done with this HUGE laundry container - and now I can switch to a smaller one so I can use the extra space for other crap in my house that can be put in the basement. Sounds reasonable, right?

Well then how about this: I used to REALLY sell Mary Kay. Now I only kind of sell it (to friends, family, etc.). Quick diversion: I still LOVE the product, have just spent my 5th year in the company and still believe it is a worthwhile money maker...if you work at it. I decided I didn't want to work at it any more and was able to pare down my inventory to my personal inventory level. So when people say negative things about the company, I have the same response as I do when someone says they can't do something. I'm all, No. You're just not doing it the RIGHT WAY. C'mere let me boss you around help you.

Anyway, I have all of these little tiny samplers that I spent my good money on. Samplers of eye cream (which I very much need), blush, eye shadow, mascara, etc. And I decided that I should use these. So again, I've been using samplers every day. For the past month. Now, my pile of samplers is getting smaller, but I'm starting to get really excited when I work my way through one full color.

It occurred to me, that I'm becoming like my mom in this area. That woman is the thriftiest person I know. To the point of embarrassment, especially when my friends came over. No, it wasn't because she had a box of wine in the fridge, but because she would have bottles stacked on top of bottles so that every last drop of the bottle on the top would go into the bottle on the bottom. EVERY. LAST. DROP. That would be IF my friends were able to get into our house. They first had to scale the mountain of empty plastic bags.

So what do I do with the realization that I'm becoming more like my mom? I think seriously about scheduling an appointment with a therapist AND I call her to get her approval on my money-saving techniques. YES I know...more proof that I should've done the first. At any rate, she was very proud of me - happy that I finally saw things her way. And then she trumped me.

When SHE turns on the shower to heat up the water, she puts a bucket to catch all the cold and not yet the perfect temperature water. Then she hops in the much colder shower than what I would enjoy (no really...her water doesn't get HOT - it costs too much to heat the water heater), showers quickly, and then gets out of the shower. With the water in the bucket, she waters flowers, the lawn, or for whatever else might need a pail of water.

I hung up the phone feeling bested AND relieved. As I've gotten crazier with the thriftiness, so has my mom. I should've known that there is no catching up to her. But also relieved - because at least one person thinks I'm not crazy enough!

Just in case, I'm buying a box of wine.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Tonight has been fabulous! I took a long nap today followed by me getting up and doing three loads of laundry. I think every material in my house is now fresh and clean.

AND Chassis got a new bed today while we were at PetsMart. Getting it in the Mini with her in the back was quite the challenge, as it involved some serious contortion on my part. But hearing her snore and seeing that she is reluctant to get out of said bed is quite rewarding. She deserves it. She had a very busy weekend - one that was packed with getting loved on for four hours at the Annual Scottish Highlands Festival, a homecheck for the rescue today, and getting loved on at PetsMart by strangers. It's tough to be that cute and loveable! :)

At any rate, I've got my lunch packed, my trash is already outside on the curb, and I'm up to date on all the Michael Phelps coverage.

I think I'm set for tomorrow. :)

Friday, August 08, 2008

I've heard it's catching...

My thoughts in the shower this morning:

Eesh, my back hurts.

Hmmm.... Will's back hurt yesterday.

Is back pain transferable?

OH MY GOSH! Maybe we have Olympic fever.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

First impressions...

I just got an email from a guy with the username of "PriorityMaleXXX."

And no, I'm not kidding.

My life: a very boring action movie

Yesterday I stayed late at work to work stuff. I decided to leave right about the same time it started pouring. The rain was such a good thing as we have broken records this summer for most days over 90 degrees, most days in a row over 90 degrees, least amount of rain, and most likely to succeed.

Anyway, the rain made my usual 30 minute commute turn into over an hour - complete with HUGE puddles of water that my car could barely cross. Flash flooding.

I got home and started to make dinner, a rare occurrence to be sure, only to hear the sound of tornado sirens. Seriously. I checked the news and apparently no one in Denver was worried about this - no reports, no stupid little scrolling bulletins. The Weather Channel, on the other hand, was very concerned about this abrupt change and made it sound like a huge twister was likely to land on my lawn. If I had one that is. Coming from Oklahoma where the only news is tornadoes and what's going on with the Sooners, I was disappointed.

No tornadoes, but my power did go out as I got ready for bed. It came back on during the night.

I woke up this morning, got ready and as a way to bring cooler air in my house, I opened up both the back and front doors. Yeah, I's not really safe. I got done getting ready, looked around and realized that my dog had escaped. Well, not really escaped, but left the house. I freaked out - she's never done this before. She always stays inside and she NEVER has a second cup of coffee at home! (come on...tell me someone got this reference!) She was smelling my neighbor's door (all of two feet away from my front door) and was happy to come back inside.

I was leaving for work, I realize that my dog pooped on EVERY stepping stone that I use to get out of my backyard. Granted, it's a small backyard, but she really must've planned it. Therefore, I had to dodge the poop and try to open the gate without smearing poop on the underside of the gate.

I then realized that my bluetooth headset was not in my purse or in my car. As I was talking on the phone, I hit major potholes and bumps such that my piping hot tea spilled all over my car. I tried my best to stop the spilling by screaming obscenities. But that didn't work. Trying to clean it up on the highway while speeding allowed me not to pay attention to the drivers in front of me. Those drivers? They were swerving to get out of the way of a stalled car in the middle of the highway. Yeah - I almost hit that car too.

But now I'm here. At work. Doing work stuff again. And by work stuff I mean typing this blog.

I know. You're disappointed. You hoped that there would actually BE some true adventure that you could find in an action movie. My life in the last 12 hours has been like a bunch of sneezes that were just about to happen only to have someone yell "BLESS YOU!" to stop you from sneezing each time. It's like something was almost going to be exciting and then it just wasn't.

Kind of like this post.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

PLEASE stop the band posts


So I googled to try to find the 1992's performance.

I haven't found it...yet.

BUT I did find that my high school is in Wikepedia. First, know that the Sudler Flag is for concert bands and the Sudler Shield is for the marching band. It's very rare for ANY high school band to get either award.

And now...I quote the internet from here (which means it must be true)

"There are only ten high schools worldwide that have received both the Sudler Flag of Honor for concert band and the Sudler Shield for marching band:"
  • 9 bands you don't care about
See, internet??!?!? Do you see why I am proud? And yes - my band really did make it - I just didn't want to write all the other bands.

We worked hard. And like I was telling a co-worker today, I learned a lot of life lessons by being in that band.

First, be alert. Which is different than being a lert. Why our director felt it was important to say this about 50,000 times is beyond me. Seriously, we got it the first time. There is no such thing as a lert. So therefore, you have to be alert. Me not laughing or nodding isn't that I don't get it and you need to explain it more. It's that it ISN'T FUNNY OR PROFOUND!

Secondly, yardsticks hurt when a Emily blahblahblah (I can't remember her last name) hits you with one because you didn't make your mark. Yes, people, I was beaten up IN band...not just for being in the band. Okay...I wasn't really beaten up in band...she actually just smacked me on the back of my calf. But it was a hard smack. Why? Because she was uptight and probably wanted to get laid or she didn't know her own superhuman strength. Whatever, I'm over it - I don't even remember her last name. At least she was better than Connie (I do remember her last name - it rhymed with Schmankratz) who would YELL "Kaizen!" at us repeatedly. I get it. It's a Japanese term for always doing better. But if you keep yelling that at me, I can't be held accountable for my actions. Unlike Emily, she NEEDED to get laid. For those that know her and are gasping right now I have this to say to you: WHATEVER. It is true. I'm sure people could have said the same thing about me in high school. And know what? They would've been right.

Thirdly, Lambrecht liked his coffee in the morning. So if he was going to yell at you - afternoon practice was so much better than the morning...because at least you didn't have to smell that breath. Likewise, he has deadly aim in the morning. He would chuck pebbles and rocks off the band room roof at us if we didn't make our mark. I'm not sure what that taught me other than to not mess up in the morning. And, as my co-workers can tell you, I apparently didn't learn that lesson. :)

Come to think of it, why DID I like band?

How quickly they forget


I almost don't want to post this because I'm such a jackass.

First, I am special. You knew that.

I posted the 1994 NMSU Tournament of Bands video in my earlier post...not the 1993.


I forgot which year we changed our uniforms...and besides, since I graduated in 1995, 1994 was my junior year...which is when Jen, Lisa, and Ginger you can see how that would be confusing. It's not like math is a strong subject for me. Wait...

Anyway, my senior year one (1994) was my least favorite to be sure. You can see the 1994 performance here.

But now, do yourself a favor, see the REAL 1993 performance (in the posting below). You'll like it. It had better music than the one that you might've seen earlier today. 1993's music wasn't so random and in my opinion, it had some of the better marching.

There's only one more left - and be warned - if I find it I WILL POST IT.

As an added bonus, if you look at the video in the post below and watch it through, you'll be able to watch Delores from "Que Pasa with Delores" and you'll be able to see what hot women in El Paso looked like. Seriously - that IS a woman! :) They actually go on to critique our time with recaps until the next band takes the field. Whatever, she's still hilarious.

15 years ago...

So 15 years ago I was in a marching band. I read on The Girls' Blog that someone had uploaded our 1st PLACE AWARD WINNING 1993 New Mexico State University Tournament of Bands performance on YouTube. We won. First place.

While Scheherezade (the score that we played) wasn't my favorite year of marching band material, I am still happy that a piece of my youth is preserved. And yes - the video isn't fantastic...but that's what you get when you're dealing with a PBS station in the southwest dealing with equipment from circa 1846.

If you look, you can see clear shots of Lisa and Timp. But if you look REEEEEEAAAAALLLLLY closely you can see Ginger, Jen, and I. :) I don't even know which dot I am anymore.

Jon Hey, one of my friends from college, actually sat down one night and watched these with me. I think it was after I had broken up with Jason (my first real boyfriend ever) and was walking around like the crying zombie wishing that I hadn't been so hasty in the whole break-up thing.

Anywhoodles, you can't hear the hosts - which is a shame. Because one of them was Delores. She looked like a hobbit and had the ever so popular show "Que Pasa...with Delores." I'm told it was up for an Emmy.

Anyway... I give!

Monday, August 04, 2008

Some might call me a SUPER TROOPER

Let me preface this post with the fact that I saw "Mamma Mia" this weekend.

So - today our Regional Sales Manager was discussing a product that has been re-released. In this meeting, he was discussing one of our big customers and how they were recently bought out. He literally said, "They were bought out by a group in Sweeden."

So I said, "Was it ABBA?"

And he said, "What?"

I repeated myself.

He said, "No, I don't think that was the name of it" and then hurried on with his statement.

He didn't even GET my joke.


More proof that I am, in fact, a fairy tale princess

So I've been noticing me spending more time in my bed the last several months. And sadly, it's not what you're thinking.

I've been finding myself spending more time sleeping - but then getting up and being sore, cranky, still tired, and wanting to sleep some more. At first I thought it was just that I was getting old. Then I thought that I might be depressed.

But, after realizing that I'm only 31 and that any usual signs of depression have been vacant, I ruled it as being something wrong with the way that I was sleeping. I realized that this has only been since living in my new place and that it was getting worse as the weeks wore on.

Sunday morning I woke up and my sides were so sore that I was starting to wonder if I had something wrong with my health. What if I had a tumor? What if I had sleep apnea? OMG would I have to wear one of those sleep apnea masks to bed?

I sat straight up in bed and immediately started googling "sleep apnea masks." Which is when I noticed that my mattress was slumping slightly beneath my trim, 110 pound body. :)

Sure enough, after further investigation, the slats beneath my box spring mattress were pretty much at my head and feet. Apparently that slight dipping was enough to disturb my beauty sleep.

It's not quite the "Princess and the Pea" story, but it's as close as I've come to being a fairy tale princess. Except for when Lisa's J thought that I looked like the lady from "Enchanted." Which, incidentally, cemented her as my favorite 3 year old. EVER.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

So happy together!

All better now.

Internet Explorer and Sitemeter are best friends again. I just hope they didn't throw away the friendship bracelets that they made for each other last week at camp.

Mac users: 2,983, PC users: 0

My friend, Kristi, let me know that there was a critical bug on my website that shuts down her Internet Explorer. And I was all, Kristi, you're probably drunk. Or in the middle of another earthquake.

Turns out she was right. And also, I might be right...she might have been drunk. Not likely, but you never know...I mean, she does live in Cali. :)

Anyway, while perusing my favorite blogs on Google Reader, I read on gwendomama that there is a critical error involved with people who use Explorer and are trying to read blogs that have a sitecounter on it. Mac users? We use Firefox as our internet gateway and do not have that problem.

Just another reason to use your computer as a paperweight and go get that Mac you know you want. In fact, I'm going to dress up in jeans and a hooded sweatshirt (note: I refuse to call them "hoodies") and inform people of yet another bug for PC users. I'll also take away the my site counter thingie.


So now you have to leave a comment - or I'll never know you were here!

Friday, August 01, 2008

Book 'em, Anne-o

So last night, I went out on a date with a cop. It's been set up for quite a while, but it also marks the last of the dates that I'll be going on from chemistry.

He was very nice. Really.

I was a little concerned about the whole cop thing. I think I've seen too many Lifetime movies (starring Meredith Baxter Birney) where a woman marries a cop and then he beats her and she can't move away because he knows where she is. Which is also the reason why I pretend I can't swim and am afraid of the that if I need to escape from my abusive husband and our ocean-side house I can (think "Sleeping with the Enemy").

We met downtown to go to what looked like a really cool place. It was a wine bar that had live jazz music - and that is something that I really wanted to try. We walked in the place and it became apparent that they were having a private party wine tasting.

So we walked many blocks away to another place he liked and walked in to find that everyone was wearing nametags. I'm not sure if it was speed dating or a private party, but people were definitely there for a reason.

I then decided to look at the meters around us and realized that those said you should pay until 10 PM. And I started to get worried...because I could've sworn that the one that I parked by said parking until 5. So he was cool about it and we walked all the way back to the first place to check. Sure enough I was right and although it had 50 thousand signs on the meter, it did say "2 Hour Meter Parking 8 AM - 5 PM" so I felt pretty good. There was a meter maid marking my tire, which I didn't get. He said it was because parking really was only 2 hours even after 5. I didn't get that (and I swear, I'm smart!), but decided because he is a cop he would know.

We tried another place only to find out that it was closed. I was laughing so hard as I thought this was pretty funny! Not to be mean to him or anything, but just - what are the chances?

He finally suggested the coffee bar that we had walked by several times and at this point, I just didn't care.

The conversation was okay - I'm not sure if he's shy, doesn't like telling stories, or if he just likes to keep things a mystery, but he didn't really expound on answers. The result? I felt like 'The Riddler' because I kept pummeling him with questions. I didn't know what else to do!

We decided to end the date so that I could get back before the 2 hours was up. After an awkward hug and a friendly goodbye, I went to get into my car.

Only to find that I got a ticket.

While on my date.



Apparently one of the signs that I didn't read fully stated that between 5 PM and 2:15 AM it is passenger loading zone only. DOH!

Sometimes I feel bad about guys paying on my date. I didn't mind him paying for my chai tea because I figured with all the tickets I've had in Denver (ahem...a few) I was due for a little something back from the government.

Now I owe them again.