Monday, August 25, 2008

My new look...from 6 months ago

This weekend, I got my haircut. We all remember the last time, right?

Well, this haircut was better - in the sense that it has more layers and I look less like the guy from the Starburst commercial. But it amazes me that it is now the same length and styling as in my profile picture. So, my fresh new 'do? It's me - 6 months ago.

I tell myself that I've had at least 3 inches cut off in the last six months and that that has to mean that it is healthier. And healthier hair means I'm more likely to be called for a Pantene commercial.

But, OOOH! Speaking of hair care products, I did order the Wen hair care system by Chaz Dean. If you've seen the infomercials, you might think that I'm crazy. It's only a cleansing conditioner - no shampooing. No lathering, and apparently less color fading.

I'm on day two with the new regime and so far very undecided. I'll let you know if people stop me on the street to ask what shampoo I use...only because then I'll be able to say I don't shampoo at all. Stranger's shocked faces of awe and delight and a husband can't stop smelling my hair because it's so fantastic is exactly what I'm going for.

Well, that or just a husband.


kristi said...

So did you not post a photo because you look the same as your current photo? :) I'm sure either way you look GREAT!

happyfunpants said...

I'm looking a bit of alright.

Actually, there are NO new photos because I lost my camera in May and am trying to figure out at what level I want to replace it...