Wednesday, August 13, 2008


First, I can't believe I haven't posted in a couple of days. What is wrong with me? Where are my priorities? Sheesh.

Okay, so I've been on this kick to be as thrifty, cheap, or green as possible. And it's addicting.

For instance, I am now trying to buy things that are in "green" containers so that they're easier to recycle. As soon as I'm done with these Ziplock bags, I'm going to switch to aluminum foil - because that's better to recycle. Not too bad so far, huh?

Well, apparently I'm also consumed with finishing up every little thing around the house. Like I was doing laundry on Sunday and I was all, by fall I'm going to be done with this HUGE laundry container - and now I can switch to a smaller one so I can use the extra space for other crap in my house that can be put in the basement. Sounds reasonable, right?

Well then how about this: I used to REALLY sell Mary Kay. Now I only kind of sell it (to friends, family, etc.). Quick diversion: I still LOVE the product, have just spent my 5th year in the company and still believe it is a worthwhile money maker...if you work at it. I decided I didn't want to work at it any more and was able to pare down my inventory to my personal inventory level. So when people say negative things about the company, I have the same response as I do when someone says they can't do something. I'm all, No. You're just not doing it the RIGHT WAY. C'mere let me boss you around help you.

Anyway, I have all of these little tiny samplers that I spent my good money on. Samplers of eye cream (which I very much need), blush, eye shadow, mascara, etc. And I decided that I should use these. So again, I've been using samplers every day. For the past month. Now, my pile of samplers is getting smaller, but I'm starting to get really excited when I work my way through one full color.

It occurred to me, that I'm becoming like my mom in this area. That woman is the thriftiest person I know. To the point of embarrassment, especially when my friends came over. No, it wasn't because she had a box of wine in the fridge, but because she would have bottles stacked on top of bottles so that every last drop of the bottle on the top would go into the bottle on the bottom. EVERY. LAST. DROP. That would be IF my friends were able to get into our house. They first had to scale the mountain of empty plastic bags.

So what do I do with the realization that I'm becoming more like my mom? I think seriously about scheduling an appointment with a therapist AND I call her to get her approval on my money-saving techniques. YES I know...more proof that I should've done the first. At any rate, she was very proud of me - happy that I finally saw things her way. And then she trumped me.

When SHE turns on the shower to heat up the water, she puts a bucket to catch all the cold and not yet the perfect temperature water. Then she hops in the much colder shower than what I would enjoy (no really...her water doesn't get HOT - it costs too much to heat the water heater), showers quickly, and then gets out of the shower. With the water in the bucket, she waters flowers, the lawn, or for whatever else might need a pail of water.

I hung up the phone feeling bested AND relieved. As I've gotten crazier with the thriftiness, so has my mom. I should've known that there is no catching up to her. But also relieved - because at least one person thinks I'm not crazy enough!

Just in case, I'm buying a box of wine.

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lizardlove8496 said...

ahh yes the thrifty girls. welcome to the obsessivly fun side of mom. ps: she will always beat us and kill the earth must less than i could ever try. the other ay one of rebecca's boys pointed outthat my smoking is also polluting... i suck at this game.