Sunday, August 10, 2008


Tonight has been fabulous! I took a long nap today followed by me getting up and doing three loads of laundry. I think every material in my house is now fresh and clean.

AND Chassis got a new bed today while we were at PetsMart. Getting it in the Mini with her in the back was quite the challenge, as it involved some serious contortion on my part. But hearing her snore and seeing that she is reluctant to get out of said bed is quite rewarding. She deserves it. She had a very busy weekend - one that was packed with getting loved on for four hours at the Annual Scottish Highlands Festival, a homecheck for the rescue today, and getting loved on at PetsMart by strangers. It's tough to be that cute and loveable! :)

At any rate, I've got my lunch packed, my trash is already outside on the curb, and I'm up to date on all the Michael Phelps coverage.

I think I'm set for tomorrow. :)


Jen said...

I first want to say I too LOVE Micheal Phelps!! Did you just see his reaction when they won the relay? I LOVE it!! In fact I was just thinking if that is on Youtube anytime soon I am putting it on my blog!! LOVE IT!! And he is so AMAZING in the water!

Ok now, doesn't if feel good when get those little chores marked off your list of things to do!! You can sit back and relax! I hope you have a great week!


Ginger said...

I love the peace I get from having the chores done! I know. I'm supposed to actually enjoy the chore (or at least allow myself meditation during them) according to my bodhisattva. But that sense of accomplishment is more relaxing than just about anything else..other than having really great sex, that is. And I mean really. great. because accomplishment is just that good!

Anyway, you've inspired me to do some laundry today. Maybe. A priority for me is to buy pens. Yeah. Exciting.

Hooray Phelps!!
Hooray Beer!