Sunday, August 17, 2008

My exciting Saturday

I was enjoying my day yesterday when I noticed that it had been a little while since I had encouraged Chassis to potty outside. She hadn't eaten anything in the past day, but since that isn't exactly rare, I wasn't worried.

Finally, during a break in the rain, Chassis went potty. And then without getting too gross, let's just say that she was trying to get everything out of her system. She topped that off by panting and groaning. Knowing that something was off (and fearing gastric torsion - a HUGE problem for Great Danes where their tummies flip inside their bodies and they end up dying quickly) I ran inside to call the vet. By the time I had gotten outside again she started throwing up.

I hung up and called the ER vet confirming that they were open and where I thought they were.

By the time we got to the vet, she was fine. A little clingy (which is interesting in a dane), but fine. Definitely not showing the signs of bloat. I was concerned that it might have something to do with her behavior (and faking behavior) on Friday. You know..the day that I called her a deceptive bitch. My vet assured me that, although faking potty would be rare, she seemed fine.

Her blood was drawn just in case and tested for toxins, poisoning, and even for Addison's Disease. All of which came back as fine.

I'm sure I probably jumped the gun when it came to getting her to the vet...but the fact that she did all that weird behavior withing a span of 20 minutes completely freaked me out...that and the thought that it might be that she was bloating was enough to have me get her checked out any way. Turns out, she just had a bulimic moment.

The bummer of it all was that it meant that I didn't want to leave her alone all night...which meant canceling my place at a dinner party with the Raymans. Rachel (the newly married Mrs. Rayman) is a friend of mine and she had planned a great swordfish steak dinner...oh and I heard they also had bagel crisps. :)

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Anonymous said...

They are our babies, Daisy... until you have a baby, and then they lose their status rather quickly! I know you're saying, "No way!" but it's true. I used to get studio shots of the dog before the kid was born! Now, it's, "Why is the god#@$ dog digging in the trash again!" :)