Sunday, December 30, 2007 I love and hate you... I love and hate you. You sure are cheap, but boy are you not easy!

First, why are you not in Denver? Why? We're a liberal, fashion forward (fringe is a fashion, right?), and trendy city - what could you possibly be looking for that we don't have?

Secondly, even though I spent time and money to ship your desk to me, why can I not get these 6 damn screws in? Why do you have to be like that?

Thirdly, your instruction manual is not complete...but your illustrations of a little man questioning his ability to read instructions and then calling your store is too cute. I smile when I see it, even if my palm hurts from the screwdriver handle digging into my skin. 

Well, I'll show you. This will work. I will get this desk together one way or'll see,'ll see.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Back in the saddle again...

So, I'm finally willing to date again. It's been over six months, but I think that even though I knew I *could* date again, I wasn't ready to really let go and try to trust again.

Last night, I went to go see a friend's band - they're friends that I met through my ex and it was SO great to see them again. Really - it felt like slipping into a comfy sweatshirt - just good, fun, and reminded me of how much I missed them.

Anyway, my friend Mel asked if I had been seeing anyone and of course, I said "I'm seeing you right now!" :) Yeah, not my best material, but how could I not take that bait? :)

Alright, I have been on one date since June - and it was absolutely horrible. You know when you say something funny and the other person just looks at you with this "WTF" expression on their face? Yeah...that was how pretty much the whole date went. Needless to say, there was not another one.

But alas, I digress. So, my friend Mel (and her hubby Chad) are going to set me up with one of their friends. He seems like he'd be a nice guy and he's never been to jail for being a pedophile so I'm guessing it'll be okay. Don't get me wrong, I don't have high hopes, but it's just nice to feel like I'm going to be back out there again. And for now, that's good enough. :)

On a side note, if you know of any single, funny, nice guys you should hook a sista' up! :)

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Reason number 4,837 I loved this week...

Okay, I've had some bad times and some stressful times recently, but this week rocked.

First, I got a new computer...and I love love love love love it.

Secondly, I got to see my best friend, Kelly when I flew into Chicago on Friday night (work with's still in this past week). She and I had one of most enjoyable weekends and I even went shopping and bought a super cute computer desk for my new pad at IKEA. For clarification purposes, the pad is not in IKEA, but rather in Denver. :) Anyway, I got a great deal on the desk so we decided to buy it and then ship it home to me for when I arrived today. The FedEx clerk (who may have very well been on several prescription meds that were, most likely, not prescribed to her) clearly didn't care about her job and magically changed the shipping cost from the $250 range to less than $50. She rocked... Throughout the weekend, Kelly and I were able to find the best parking spaces and even got a refill on our cheddar biscuits at Red Lobster! :) Hee hee. Sure, other people had that too, but I know it's because we rocked.

Okay, the best part was that I got to see my two sisters and dad on Sunday. I just got home and it was easily the most enjoyable Christmas with my dad since grandma's health is not the best, but I think it woke my dad up into realizing that people, not things, are important. It was great and some brought about a closeness that we've all been wanting for a long time. Elizabeth is healing from a recent surgery and is handling things really well all things considered.

Today after flying in, I picked up the pooch and she ran out, literally dragging the worker behind her, to me. Man, I wish I was the caliber of person my dog thinks I am...but alas, I digress.

I came home to a full page of emails from you all wishing me a Merry Christmas.

But the icing on the cake was that I came home to find that I WON (yes, that means I beat them all!!!) my fantasy football league. Sure, you may think that it's mostly chance, but you'd be wrong. It was my mad skills alone (okay, having LT on the team helped a tad) that allowed our team to win. And you should've heard all the razzing I got from the guys at work when I said I wanted to play at the beginning of the season.

2007 may have had some low points, but it appears to be ending on a high note!