Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Long Way Around

One of my favorite songs is "The Long Way Around" by the Dixie Chicks.

I really love this song. It's has passion - and I can usually get behind any song that is sung with passion. But what I like about it is this line:

"Well, I never seem to do it like anybody else
Maybe someday, someday I'm gonna settle down
If you ever want to find me I can still be found
Taking the long way around."

Sometimes I feel like that's a great way to describe me - my spot in my life now. I'm not settled down, I'm not tied down, I'm not even smart enough to take the shortest, most direct route through life. But I'll get there eventually.

Monday, February 25, 2008

My baby fix...

This past weekend, I got to meet someone absolutely great...his name?  Aaron Robert Daniels.  Sure, he's a little young for me, but he was soooo cute! :)

I am, of course, describing my friend Kris' baby.  He was absolutely beautiful and fantastic.  Holding him...well, we all probably know that there's nothing like the feeling of holding a baby - it's that sweet lump of structureless slouch (really, shouldn't I work for Hallmark?)...the one that tells you that they trust you implicitly, because they have to.

Aaron is the first in the Daniels' family (okay, well, the first for Kris and her hubby, Jeff) and was definitely planned.  I remember he was crying and I as I was trying to soothe him I made some joke (really, me? making a joke?) at how that really wasn't hospitable of him as a host to cry.  I also made some comment about how I really didn't know what I was doing.  It was an honest statement and one that Jeff quickly replied with, "well, we don't know what we're doing either...but we're trying to figure it out."  

Somehow that made me feel okay.  I'm not even dating anyone, let alone married, let alone wanting to have a baby right now.  So I can safely say that I'm not in a place where I feel like I would be a good mom.  But what occurred to me is that even when you're planning on having a baby, when you're pregnant, or when you're a new parent, do you really FEEL like you're going to to be a great parent?  

I'm not even sure why I'm blogging about this...except for the fact that it's been on my mind a lot today.  

My baby fix was a way for me to remember that sometimes we don't have all the answers right now.  I guess I think that sometimes, God gives us a job knowing that we'll grow into it.  And somehow that transfers to my life.  I don't have to be the perfect person now...but I can grow into a better version of me.  And that maybe God doesn't expect me to live 100% the best way right now.  In fact, maybe He's okay with where I'm at too.  

I've worked a lot in the last several years, if not decade, of trying to accept myself for who I am.  It's been a journey - and not always a pretty one.  It's not even a slightly unique journey...but one that I'm dedicated to figuring out. 

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sure...she's big, but...

So, today was a great day.  My friend Sarah, her friend Jen, and I went to Boulder and decided to hit the Pearl Street Mall - an outside mall.  We were supposed to go hiking but this is apparently what it turned into.  Anyway, VERY funny pictures and blogpost coming later - when Sarah sends the pics.

Okay, so I got home and wasn't feeling too great - I've been feeling like I was going to come down with a cold/flu thing so I've been taking Airborne and various drugs to stave off the sickness.  So far, I think the drugs and I are winning.  Anyway, I came home, took a nap and woke up around 9:30ish no longer sleepy.  

Since I had planned on doing some cleaning, I threw another load of laundry in the drier, took out the Swiffer, cleaned the floors, bathroom, and then decided to take out the trash.  Smart since tomorrow is trash day... I opened up my back door and noted that my bottom lock was locked, but that the dead bolt was really what was holding it closed...thought to myself "Gee, I should fix that" and opened the door, trash in one hand.  It was a little windy tonight so I closed the door behind me...walked out to the back to put the stuff in the trash and realized that I forgot to get the trash from the bathroom...walked up the deck, and opened the door once again to my house...or at least I tried to open the door to my house.


Locked out of my house.

No spare key.  No neighbors with spare keys.  No remote keypad.  No StarTrek beaming field.  No way to get into my house.  Oh, and no cell phone so I can't even call a locksmith.  Oh, and it's now 10:15 PM on a Sunday night.

I remembered that before Sarah picked me up I had two windows unlocked in my I went to the front of my place, broke the screen (yay!  another thing to replace!) and opened the window - climbing over the bench out front, through the window (with closed blinds) into the inside.

Here's the BIG know, the one that's supposed to protect me from this kind of stuff didn't bark, didn't growl, didn't even whine.  NOTHING.

When I got through the door, she was trying to hide in the corner of the dining room - peeking out around the wall.  I explained that it was me and she hesitantly came forward...when she realized that it really was me, she was fine.

My point is that my dog is useless.  I should re-name her Lump.  

Don't get me wrong, I love her...but seriously, isn't one of the payoffs of having a big dog that she protect me and my place?


The One With The Routine

So, I'm watching TV last night and saw an old episode of Friends.   Just so you know, I have seen all episodes of Friends...but if one is on, I'll watch it again.  I love this series.  

So, one of my top 5 episodes was on last night...the one where Ross and Monica get a chance to be on Dick Clark's Rockin' New Years Eve.  They've been wanting to be on the show for almost their whole lives and now that they're on the show, the guy that decides who is on camera (and thus who is on the platform dancing) is not choosing them.  They are bummed, but think of the perfect idea...

Friday, February 22, 2008

Somewhat silly...but a diversion nonetheless...

So I've found myself tagged...

1. What was the best thing you cooked last week?
Recovering from having no the BEST thing was probably a grilled cheese sandwhich. Yeah, I know...I'm your dream gal. :)

2. If money, time and babysitting were no object, where would you go and with who?
I've always really wanted to see and experience New York, San Fransisco, and Ireland... As for who with? Hmm....I guess anyone that wanted to see those places too!

3. When was the last time you cried?
Sunday - because I was trying to be a bigger person. And then again because I was relieved that I didn't have to be.

4. Five things you were doing 10 years ago?
Changing majors from Civil Engineering to Engineering Management
Trying to figure out how I should apply/present for the HRA job
Breaking my toe
Working at MoDoT (Missouri Dept of Transportation) while having Jon Hey SCREAM out his car window (on his commute to work) at me...nice...thanks by the way
Starting the job as a HRA

5. Five things you were doing 5 years ago?
Moving to Colorado and leaving Oklahoma...
Cursing at seeing John Tesh at a church I was visiting
Getting in a roll-over accident
Figuring out that a house with multiple floors is a PAIN
Went skydiving...wait, that might have been the year before...

6. Five things you were doing 1 year ago?
Changing jobs
Putting the house up for sale
Buying a new place
Breaking up with Jon (not the guy that yelled out the window at me)
Visting Jon in St. Louis (yes, the guy that yells at helpless females on the side of the road)

7. Seven of your favorite hobbies:
Watching movies (and yes, sometimes falling asleep)
Talking with, interacting, emailing, or being with funny people
Traveling to visit friends
Hanging out at new places in Denver
Pigging fairies :)

8. Five favorite foods:
SUSHI :) :) :)
Cheese Nips
Ice Cream
Mom's Chili Con Queso :)

9. Five places you've been:
Germany (lived there for two years)
El Paso, TX (graduated from there)
Rolla, MO (ooh...yeah!)
Oklahoma City, OK (cowtowns that have grown together)
BFE, Arkansas (after Kelly and I had a trip interrupted by my car breaking down...we were on our way to Memphis)

10. Five favorite memories (in no particular order):
Singing to "Stay" with Elizabeth at a DMB concert
Walking on the beach in Mexico with Rachel and Mom
Walking across the stage at my college graduation knowing that the rest of my family had *just* made it.
Wrapping up Mike Rayburn's show to a standing ovation...for me :)
Sneaking into my grandparents bed as a kid when they came to visit

Who to tag?!?!? I'm guessing Jen will be the one most likely to play along. :)

Thursday, February 21, 2008


I don't know what I did in my life to deserve people like you...but it must've been good.

You are great.  

Thanks for the phone calls, the emails, comments, and thoughts.  

I just got back from dinner with my friend, Kasey, where I bared my heart, took down some walls, and felt loved anyway.  I came back to a couple of emails from past friends and listened to Jon Hey's (see, you *are* famous again!) voicemail.  And you know what?  No one has turned me away, called me silly, or even chastised me.  Every one of you have been concerned about what was best for me and have wanted me to be happy.  And I am happy...

You all have supported me through it all...and this past year has been a doozy!  (ed. note: doozy is not used enough these days)  New job, selling a house, buying a new house,moving, breaking up with the unstable ex, thinking of moving and changing jobs again, and...him.    

People probably live their whole lives without having a friend like lucky am I to have several?


Thanks...if I don't say it often enough, thanks. :)  You rock.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I heart John Corbett...and the character he plays in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" and "Sex and the City."

He's dreamy.  He's calming.  He's faithful and he likes dogs.

I think I'm going to get a poster of his and hang it in my locker. :)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

I'm a walking tragedy - a walking martyr.

So, my family is dramatic.  I say this to almost justify the fact that I might come by my drama honestly.  Although I've been dramatic in some ways, the way that I'm the most dramatic is in a way no one would really know.  I'm a closet martyr. 

I can see a situation where what is the best for someone does not align with me and my wants and I pull back.

I pull back to the point of not getting what makes me happy, sometimes just shy of it...and what I feel is this deep pang - like I can feel my heart breaking.  It can be with a promotion, an award for something that I want but I know that the other person wants too (this typically only happens if I truly love that person and know that they deserve it too), the last slice of cake (okay, not really...I don't like cake), or, more commonly, in my close relationships with others.  I may want to say something to someone, but I hold back even when I know that what I have to say may change the course of their decision...because I recognize that it's my desire and my wishes that would push them a certain way...and I know, in my heart, that certain things need to be their decisions.  I risk losing it all simply because I didn't let my feelings become prominent.  Is it cutting off my nose to spite my face?  I don't even know anymore.

I've done it so many times with different boyfriends it's not even funny.

What they see is someone who is a giver - someone who smiles, pats them on the head, takes care of their needs before they're even aware of them...someone confident in herself, who is strong...who they don't have to worry about.  And so they don't...they don't give me a second thought.  I walk out the door and I like to think that they think to themselves that I am something know, in a good way. :)  They feel loved and taken care of - and is the part that is so sweet in all of this.  

It hurts - like a toothache...only in my heart.  But in a way, it helps me feel more if the pain is a reminder that I am alive, I can feel...and somehow the pain makes any future sweetness that much sweeter and more precious.  It makes the sweetness of the moment so acute that I keep walking...right out that door.  What accompanies the pain is hope...hope that one day I won't have to put my feelings on the back burner for someone else.  That one day someone might actually do that for me. The pain spurs me try harder, to be better, to be more deserving.  I go home, crawl into my shell crying to myself and vowing to build back the walls stronger and higher the next time.

I just realized...I'm a walking tragedy - a walking martyr.

It's not something I like about myself, but there must be some pay off.  I wonder where it stems from?  I wonder if it's me...deep down...thinking I'm not good enough to have the good stuff anyway so this is simpler, cleaner, and more efficient.

How strange.  All this time I thought it was because I didn't want to be manipulative.  In fact, that I was trying NOT to be dramatic.  That I didn't want to have my feelings and wants sway their that they could be at peace with their choices and never turn to me with hate and blame in their eyes and say "it was you - you MADE me do this."  

All this time I thought I was strong...and now I'm realizing that I must not be strong at all.  I must be weak because I must be afraid that if I screamed out "PICK ME!" that they wouldn't.  That they'd shrug their shoulders and walk away anyway and then I'd know I for sure that I was right all along...I was not good enough.  That I wasn't simply enough...and that they'd know it too.

See,'re not the only one that's visited by The Crazy.  She, apparently, stays at my place too.

Quotes today that resonate with me...

Saturday, February 16, 2008

One week

Remember that song by Barenaked Ladies entitled, "One Week?" Like a lot happened in that song...something about tantric sex and Sting (seriously, look up the lyrics, I don't make this crap up!). Anyway, it always causes me to reflect on the happenings of the past week...much like "Seasons of Love" from Rent make me think about the past year.

One week ago today, I didn't know that my fridge was broken (or that my TV wouldn't last the week). I didn't know what was going to come of my crush on "him" and I didn't know what my future would be with a different company. I still don't know those things...but I have figured out that some things are worth waiting for.

I'd rather wait to find that perfect job than to just take something that gets me out of my situation. And I'd rather wait to date someone I really like a lot versus whomever is handy at the moment. Ahhh..him. Have you ever met someone that you knew you were connected to on such a basic level? I've felt that for guys in the past...but it's been with people that I knew, just knew, we'd be friends for life. Like Patrick Painter, Jon Hey, Mike Garner, and Rex Vaughn. All for very different reasons, but they were there for me in a time of my life when no one else would do...and I was there for them in hopefully similar situations...but this guy? He's different.

Tonight I'm struggling with my feelings. Maybe all we're supposed to be is friends...and for now, that is enough. His perspective on things is refreshing...and I value his opinion a lot. I've been friends with mostly guys most of my this isn't anything that's really new. But I also know that there are feelings on my side that have nothing to do with friendship.

I would never want to be the cause of a marriage failing. But one of my friends told me that before anyone cheats, there is a lot that has already gone wrong anyway. I'm not justifying adultery. I'm just saying that there is more to things than simple good vs. evil...that there may be more to the story where no one wins, no one is all right, and no one is all wrong.

I've never been married...I've never found someone that I wanted to keep...or someone that wanted to keep me. I *am* waiting for someone to get me...someone who doesn't mind the curves I have, who admires the loyalty and passion I bring to life, appreciates my sense of humor, and at least respects my willingness to pick up the pieces and try again...and again...and again. Someone who isn't intimidated by who I am - successes or failures. That person has never quite materialized. I can't really say that...I've had guys who have said that they felt that way...but I didn't feel anything remotely close to the same about them.

Look, my point is, things aren't easy and clear cut. That's what I've learned from this past week.

Things are tough, they're hard, and definitely not simple. Doesn't that make the happiness that we do find even sweeter? I don't know what will happen this next week (although I swear...if another major appliance breaks, I will FREAK the f--- out) but I'm hoping for more clarity...

Friday, February 15, 2008

Oh, come ON!

So, last night, after working late, I went home (good blog so far, huh?).

I turned on the TV for about a minute and then all of a sudden, my screen goes blank.  Remember when I asked, "Who knows what else will break?"  Yeah...well apparently that something is my BRAND NEW LCD TV!!! :(  Seriously,'s like 45 days old.

Okay, it's just stuff...I contacted Toshiba support and they emailed back with the idea that I should unplug it for a little while and then bring it in to a shop.


I'm a single gal who can't exactly bring a 42" TV to a shop by herself.  


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Gimme' some lovin'....

So, it's Valentine's Day and I am sitting here reflecting on how lucky I am to be as loved as I am.  I mean, I don't blame you all...who can resist?  Seriously though, this day *should* be just a day where we are able to take a little extra time to show love and to receive love.

I think that we can show love to the co-worker that grates on your nerves by smiling and being nice anyway.

Why not compliment a perfect stranger - even knowing you're never going to see them again?

Why not send an email or card to someone just to say thanks for what they are in your life?

Why not monitor your thoughts today and anything you say or think that is unloving towards yourself, immediately throw that away?  I mean, love yourself enough to say and think nice things.   Personally, if someone gives me a compliment today, I'm just going to say "thanks" instead of my usual stammering to discount their compliment (yes, apparently when given a compliment, I turn into a 15 year old girl that points out the ways she is not what you just said).

Heck, we can even show love by letting the person cut in front of us in traffic without cursing at them (and for those that know me, that's a big thing!).  

Anyway, the point is that even if you're like me and you don't have a smoochy-kins, a love-bunny, cuddle-pumpkin, sugarflower or a squishy-face (I've never been good at endearments), you *are* loved!  

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Baby, it's cold inside

Remember when my fridge didn't work?  

So I went out and bought a fridge this weekend, only the earliest that they could deliver it was tonight.  So I've been making due and have actually survived pretty well sans cold things. :)  

Tonight I was taking all the magnets, funny pieces of paper, and meaningful notes down from my fridge when I realized that I should just check to make sure that the fridge would fit out the rear door of my house...I shifted it out of it's hole (the fridge-hole if you will) and it turned on and started has been working ever since.

So, long story short, I was able to re-schedule my delivery date of the new fridge for Saturday just in case the fridge decided to not work again.  In the meantime, I'm going to have a repairman come and check out the electrical side of it to make sure that there isn't a short or anything in the fridge.   If it's still working by Saturday, I'm going to cancel my fridge order and save myself some money! :)  Yay!

Thanks to my buddy, Lance, I was able to understand that fridges only break when your compressor breaks - the thing that actually makes your fridge/freezer cold.  If the power is off (i.e. no light) then it is something electrical and therefore unlikely to lead to a complete fridge replacement.

Oh, and Kelly said that her inspector told her refrigerators typically last 10 -15 I should be okay for awhile.

Yay! :)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Quirky Me

Okay, so I got this idea of what to write about from my friend, Ms. Lisa D. She posted a similar blog on her website, probably eons ago. Basically, the idea is that when we blog we all want people to see the best side of us...but that it's more real and more fun to let people know who we really are, quirks and all.

And since I'm quirky as all get out, I have a lot of fodder. :)

Here goes:
  • I really dislike the taste and texture of beans. My family actually loves the stuff...I don't get it. The texture is mealy - you know, like pears...but the taste is not so much like pears. When I go to restaurants and people want to order nachos or something that comes with beans, I usually just ask to hold the beans. But then I worry that they're going to think that I'm not eating them because they make me gassy. I don't even know if they make me gassy...but I always think that that is what they're thinking. I've tried telling them that I'm allergic, but really, that's a lie and I feel horrible about it during the rest of the time I'm there. So I just don't eat nachos. :)
  • I love socks with stripes. I think that they are so much fun! It's like I'm being fun and no one knows it.
  • I think I'm allergic to radishes but I can't remember. So I just don't eat them.
  • I eat different colored things in a very fair way. For instance, if, while eating M&Ms there are 4 yellows, 7 reds, and 3 browns, I will eat three reds (so there are four left - even with the yellows), then one yellow and one red (so there are three left of each color), and then separate the remaining 9 candies in three sets of three - with one of each color in each trio. Being fair is important...even while eating.
  • I get the colors yellow and white mixed up in my mind. Usually when I'm thinking of something white, I say yellow and vice versa. I know what I mean, but those two colors get mixed up while coming out of my mouth. I have to think about it to make sure that I say the one I want to say.
  • I think any word followed by "hole" or "head" sounds like a bad word if said in a bad way. Which makes words like sinkhole VERY funny to me.
  • No one can make me laugh harder than Jon Hey...or maybe my new friend, him. But it's rare that I get into absolute laughing fits about things that no one could possibly get or even slightly care about. There is this email stream that Jon and I sent back and forth when we were in college. It is absolutely nuts and I don't think anyone else would think it was funny...they'd probably just sigh and think that we were crazy and walk away. Sometimes I'll go back and re-read it just to laugh.
  • I didn't kiss anyone until I went to college. I caught up fast though...
  • Other than a wine cooler that Joella gave me while being a camp counselor when I was 20, I didn't drink until I was 21.
  • I used to hate the taste of beer, so I'd chew minty gum while drinking so it didn't taste so bad. Even though I like the taste of beer now, I still don't mind drinking beer and chewing gum. In fact, I don't even think about it.
  • I get really scared at not very scary "What Lies Beneath" or "The Others." Unfortunately, that means that I won't watch them by myself and I prefer to sleep with someone else afterwards. My sisters are similar and we used to get together to watch them and then sleep in the same bed/room.
  • My pinky fingers are bent - like when I lay them flat, they won't lay down on their own. You can push them down, but they pop right back up.
  • I type freakishly fast...or so people tell me.
  • My biggest grammar pet peeve is when people do not know that when you're describing something that there are many of, the way to write it is "a lot." As in there is a space because it is not just one word...there are TWO words. I think this is the case because my 4th grade teacher made a really big deal about it one time. It stuck with me apparently.
  • I used to think that potato was spelled with an 'e' on the end. And I figured that it wasn't spelled like that LAST in 2007. I always thought that it was an alternative spelling, kinda' like blonde or theatre. You'd think that the 'potatoe' thing with Mr. Quayle would've helped me know that...but I always thought that it was funny because you could spell it EITHER way. Turns out, that's not so much the case...
  • I love the sideways smiley faces - like this :) but I do not really enjoy the emoticons. To me, it's cheating to use them and they look...well, weird and not as cute. So I don't think that :) can be used enough and I disable the emoticons on my IM functions. :)

Alrighty, the sad thing is that I could keep going... but before I completely weird you out, I'm going to stop. :) You're still my friend, right? :)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Good times, good times...

I'm pretty excited about the possibility of staying in touch with people better...I've been oh-so bad in the past.  

Long story short, when I was in high school, I became friends with a cool group of people...unfortunately, they were all a year older than me, so when they graduated I had to make some different friends.  Anyway, when I was a senior, my parents decided to seperate after 25 years of marriage.  That was a great decision, really, but it was tough on the family.  All the drama surrounding those and other decisions was a HUGE deciding factor to move far, far away.   Unfortunately, with my need and want to distance myself from the craziness that was happening, I lost touch with people that I really did care about.  Hey, it's life and it happens.

Through the wonders of the internet, I've found some of these people...and I really, really, really would like to contact more of them.

My friend, Jennifer, is one of those people - we've kept in contact a little bit since high school but I'm excited to get to know her- you know, Jen, the woman.  Apparently she feels the same.  I'm just learning about how to link to crap, but you gotta' see this.  She posted a REALLY old picture...back from '92.  Yikes, look at the sleeves on that thing!

Anyway, thanks to you freaks who loved me before you knew what a crazy person I am/would be.  And thanks for all the lovely pictures yet to come...:) Because I've seen Lisa's posts when it's someone's birthday and I'm so not looking forward to that shizzle. 

One of my favorite things... to speed on the highway to a good song.  I's not a good idea.  I know, it's reckless.  But today, with the sun shining, the temperature in the upper 50s, I had the sunroof open, my sunglasses on, and some good tunes blasting.  Switching lanes (okay, with plenty of space around me) so I could get around the people that were going slower makes me feel like I'm running, riding a horse (work with me here), or just escaping my life...even if just for a moment.
When I first got my car a year ago, I realized that people couldn't really see me - so I became a much more defensive (what're you lookin' at?!?!?) driver. :)  And I'm still safe.  Really.  I'm just speedy too. :)

I mean, just look at that cute car!  I know, it's a physical thing, and we all shouldn't have pride in physical stuff.  It's cute, it's quirky, it's fast, it's unique, and it's...well...a representation of me.  I love it. :)

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Group think... I've decided to join the blogspot revolution.

The main reason is because today, on my myspace page ( I realized that when I post a new blog, it deletes an old one...and I don't want that shizzle deleted.  I mean, it was a part of me and now it's gone.

So I was cheesy and added the remaining blog posts on my myspace account on here on the days that it was originally posted.

Now, don't make me look like a lame blogspotter. :)  Post comments...please.  If you don't I'll feel all stupid-like. :)

This past week: the good, the bad, and the smelly

Monday morning, I had to go to work and then in the afternoon leave to go to Reno for business. So around 3:45 PM...I'm driving to the airport and all of the sudden my rear window shatters...while the snow...uphill both ways (okay, I had to add that last one). But seriously, it just shattered. After making sure that I hadn't been shot and that I was, indeed, awake I arranged to drive back to work and have a co-worker drive me to the airport so that I could catch my flight. Long story short, I was able to get it replaced under warranty and all is well. But holy COW that was scary!

So, like I said, I was in training during the week at our plant in Reno, NV. They arranged to have us stay at a place called the Peppermill (a co-worker refuses to call it anything but the "Poopermill") and boy was that an experience. After my VERY delayed flight, I walked into the hotel lobby and was greeted with the smell of stale smoke, neon lights EVERYWHERE and black mirrors. It was so strange, that I can't even explain it other than it looked like I was an extra in the movie "Tron." For more information on this lovely place, feel free to visit The rooms were fantastic though...really. Nice comfy beds, 42" plasma screen TVs, a TV in the bathroom, and showers with multiple heads. :) The picture to the left is from their website. I think it's a way to show that prostitution is encouraged at the Peppermill...but I can't be positive. Anyway, you can see the lights at the top of the picture...and that's what the WHOLE place looked like on the bottom floor. Scary, creepy, and full of neon-goodness.

The training was actually really helpful, but the big thing that was cool is Tuesday night I got to talk to the plant manager and the shop foreman. The training was on knife gates and was held in the facility that produces them. When we went on the shop tour on Wednesday, the smell of welding, metal, and manufacturing hit me and brought me back to my days at GM in Oklahoma. I didn't realize until then how much I missed the business of manufacturing and made a firm decision to change jobs yet again. I called my friend Kelly today and asked if they had openings at the factories (she works for Caterpillar in Peoria, IL) that were NOT line supervision jobs. She told me that the big thing they're hiring for there is Process Engineers for manufacturing plants and that she thought that she could get my resume' to the right people. So, sometime on Monday, I'm going to update the resume'. I'm actually pretty excited. I love Denver...and it would be sad to leave, but I can come and visit...and really, nothing is holding me here, you know? So, we'll see...more to come. Now, some of you may think that I'm insane since I just moved 8 weeks ago...but you know, walking on that shop floor made me realize that I *do* have a passion for something. And as pathetic as it is, I miss it. Plus, Cat would relocate me, so it's not like I would lose money on my house.

The very, very, very cool thing about this week is that I had a lot of fun. I drank and ate every night for free and met some cool people who were also taking the class with me. One of them was pretty much the funniest guy I've met - it was so much fun to laugh that hard and for the first time in a LONG time, I didn't have to explain why I thought something was funny or what the heck I was talking about. I'd write some of the funniest things, but I'm sure it's one of those times that you'd have to had been there for it get it. It was refreshing and oh, so nice. I loved talking with him and felt that he "got" me...which as those of you who know me, know that's pretty rare. :) He's has amazing grey eyes and although not my typical type was/is very good looking. More importantly, his personality and character was great - truly a great catch. Now, before you get your hopes up for me, the guy is married so nothing can come of my crush on him. :( And I am more bummed about this than you know...but it gave me some hope that I could possibly find someone who would fit me as well and that I shouldn't settle for anything less. And in the meantime, I have a lot of fun memories and a new (hopefully good) friend.

Okay, so I got back yesterday and was so tired that I slept for a couple of hours...not long enough to get some good sleep and feel refreshed, but just long enough to screw with my sleep I was up from about 9 last night until 4 this morning watching TV. I slept for a little while, got up and went to the fridge to have some Chai Tea... I opened up the fridge and realized immediately that something was off (watch out Columbo!) because my light in the fridge didn't come on. Oh, yeah, and EVERYTHING is warm. Yes, friends, even in the freezer. More proof that karma, is indeed, a bitch. Just in case you wanted to know, the smell of spoiled food is nasty. I do not recommend that you unplug your fridge to experience the smell...please, take my word for it. :)

I walked down to my basement to see if the breaker had blown, turned on the light and realized that I had just blown the light bulb down there...and no, I don't have a replacement halogen bulb. And the breaker didn't feel tripped. :)

Anyway, after shopping for a new fridge (and again, with any luck I'll be moving again soon so it's not like I want to get the best fridge ever) I found that no one can deliver the fridge before this coming Tuesday night. So I made the best of it, stopped by Walgreens to get some milk (I still want my chai tea!) and some ice... After eating out all week, I really don't want to eat out anymore and was, quite frankly, looking forward to cereal. :)

For those that have read this far, you are a true friend. I just did the cursory read-though and saw that I wrote a mini-novel.

And I's not even funny. :( But I guess I'm in a subdued mood. It was a pretty eventful week and I wanted to share it with you...because otherwise it'd be one of those things that it'd take forever to catch you up later.

Or maybe I'm in a non-funny mood because I'm afraid to touch anything...who knows what else will break?