Thursday, February 21, 2008


I don't know what I did in my life to deserve people like you...but it must've been good.

You are great.  

Thanks for the phone calls, the emails, comments, and thoughts.  

I just got back from dinner with my friend, Kasey, where I bared my heart, took down some walls, and felt loved anyway.  I came back to a couple of emails from past friends and listened to Jon Hey's (see, you *are* famous again!) voicemail.  And you know what?  No one has turned me away, called me silly, or even chastised me.  Every one of you have been concerned about what was best for me and have wanted me to be happy.  And I am happy...

You all have supported me through it all...and this past year has been a doozy!  (ed. note: doozy is not used enough these days)  New job, selling a house, buying a new house,moving, breaking up with the unstable ex, thinking of moving and changing jobs again, and...him.    

People probably live their whole lives without having a friend like lucky am I to have several?


Thanks...if I don't say it often enough, thanks. :)  You rock.


McG said...
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McG said...

sweetheart, you get what you give in life. You give us unconditional love, who are we to give you anything less?