Monday, February 11, 2008

Quirky Me

Okay, so I got this idea of what to write about from my friend, Ms. Lisa D. She posted a similar blog on her website, probably eons ago. Basically, the idea is that when we blog we all want people to see the best side of us...but that it's more real and more fun to let people know who we really are, quirks and all.

And since I'm quirky as all get out, I have a lot of fodder. :)

Here goes:
  • I really dislike the taste and texture of beans. My family actually loves the stuff...I don't get it. The texture is mealy - you know, like pears...but the taste is not so much like pears. When I go to restaurants and people want to order nachos or something that comes with beans, I usually just ask to hold the beans. But then I worry that they're going to think that I'm not eating them because they make me gassy. I don't even know if they make me gassy...but I always think that that is what they're thinking. I've tried telling them that I'm allergic, but really, that's a lie and I feel horrible about it during the rest of the time I'm there. So I just don't eat nachos. :)
  • I love socks with stripes. I think that they are so much fun! It's like I'm being fun and no one knows it.
  • I think I'm allergic to radishes but I can't remember. So I just don't eat them.
  • I eat different colored things in a very fair way. For instance, if, while eating M&Ms there are 4 yellows, 7 reds, and 3 browns, I will eat three reds (so there are four left - even with the yellows), then one yellow and one red (so there are three left of each color), and then separate the remaining 9 candies in three sets of three - with one of each color in each trio. Being fair is important...even while eating.
  • I get the colors yellow and white mixed up in my mind. Usually when I'm thinking of something white, I say yellow and vice versa. I know what I mean, but those two colors get mixed up while coming out of my mouth. I have to think about it to make sure that I say the one I want to say.
  • I think any word followed by "hole" or "head" sounds like a bad word if said in a bad way. Which makes words like sinkhole VERY funny to me.
  • No one can make me laugh harder than Jon Hey...or maybe my new friend, him. But it's rare that I get into absolute laughing fits about things that no one could possibly get or even slightly care about. There is this email stream that Jon and I sent back and forth when we were in college. It is absolutely nuts and I don't think anyone else would think it was funny...they'd probably just sigh and think that we were crazy and walk away. Sometimes I'll go back and re-read it just to laugh.
  • I didn't kiss anyone until I went to college. I caught up fast though...
  • Other than a wine cooler that Joella gave me while being a camp counselor when I was 20, I didn't drink until I was 21.
  • I used to hate the taste of beer, so I'd chew minty gum while drinking so it didn't taste so bad. Even though I like the taste of beer now, I still don't mind drinking beer and chewing gum. In fact, I don't even think about it.
  • I get really scared at not very scary "What Lies Beneath" or "The Others." Unfortunately, that means that I won't watch them by myself and I prefer to sleep with someone else afterwards. My sisters are similar and we used to get together to watch them and then sleep in the same bed/room.
  • My pinky fingers are bent - like when I lay them flat, they won't lay down on their own. You can push them down, but they pop right back up.
  • I type freakishly fast...or so people tell me.
  • My biggest grammar pet peeve is when people do not know that when you're describing something that there are many of, the way to write it is "a lot." As in there is a space because it is not just one word...there are TWO words. I think this is the case because my 4th grade teacher made a really big deal about it one time. It stuck with me apparently.
  • I used to think that potato was spelled with an 'e' on the end. And I figured that it wasn't spelled like that LAST in 2007. I always thought that it was an alternative spelling, kinda' like blonde or theatre. You'd think that the 'potatoe' thing with Mr. Quayle would've helped me know that...but I always thought that it was funny because you could spell it EITHER way. Turns out, that's not so much the case...
  • I love the sideways smiley faces - like this :) but I do not really enjoy the emoticons. To me, it's cheating to use them and they look...well, weird and not as cute. So I don't think that :) can be used enough and I disable the emoticons on my IM functions. :)

Alrighty, the sad thing is that I could keep going... but before I completely weird you out, I'm going to stop. :) You're still my friend, right? :)


Jen said...

Anne, you Quirky, NOOooooo!!! And yes, you're still my friend!!

I love your list! The word(s) a lot are on my students spelling list this week. They were surprised by the space! I didn't know they were 2 words until I was a freshmen in college and my English professor told us, on the first day of class, if we wrote them together as one word we would lose 20 POINTS! Good for your 4th grade teacher to leave an impression on you at such a young age! Hopefully I can make as good of an impression on my 2nd graders!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe your quirks are what make you "stand out" in a crowd. I mean, someone with a great personality, wit to die for, a love of life that is all around would turn heads. From your entries here, you seem to fit these descriptions. I think those that can call themselves friends of yours, probably think that it is amazing to be so. From what I've read, I believe it to be so.
As for quirkiness, everyone has *things* about them they feel may cause others to "back away". I wouldn't worry about yours too much. Hey, I have this thing about pickles. Somehow, a while back, I picked up a taste for them, and now...everytime I have a sandwich and a beer, it's know what would be great with this...A Pickle! Not exactly the same, I know, I'm just saying...

happyfunpants said...


I'm glad that you both think I'm lovable even thought I'm not perfect. :)

Thanks for being my guys ROCK.


P.S. Pickles = Mmmmm Mmmmm GOOOD! I'm just saying...