Friday, February 15, 2008

Oh, come ON!

So, last night, after working late, I went home (good blog so far, huh?).

I turned on the TV for about a minute and then all of a sudden, my screen goes blank.  Remember when I asked, "Who knows what else will break?"  Yeah...well apparently that something is my BRAND NEW LCD TV!!! :(  Seriously,'s like 45 days old.

Okay, it's just stuff...I contacted Toshiba support and they emailed back with the idea that I should unplug it for a little while and then bring it in to a shop.


I'm a single gal who can't exactly bring a 42" TV to a shop by herself.  



Jen said...

That sucks!! Did you have to replace your fridge after all? You know what they say....When it rains, it POURS!!

Sorry Friend!!

happyfunpants said...

The fridge is still working...knock on wood. :) Don't these things come in 3's? If so, I should be good for a while, right?