Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sure...she's big, but...

So, today was a great day.  My friend Sarah, her friend Jen, and I went to Boulder and decided to hit the Pearl Street Mall - an outside mall.  We were supposed to go hiking but this is apparently what it turned into.  Anyway, VERY funny pictures and blogpost coming later - when Sarah sends the pics.

Okay, so I got home and wasn't feeling too great - I've been feeling like I was going to come down with a cold/flu thing so I've been taking Airborne and various drugs to stave off the sickness.  So far, I think the drugs and I are winning.  Anyway, I came home, took a nap and woke up around 9:30ish no longer sleepy.  

Since I had planned on doing some cleaning, I threw another load of laundry in the drier, took out the Swiffer, cleaned the floors, bathroom, and then decided to take out the trash.  Smart since tomorrow is trash day... I opened up my back door and noted that my bottom lock was locked, but that the dead bolt was really what was holding it closed...thought to myself "Gee, I should fix that" and opened the door, trash in one hand.  It was a little windy tonight so I closed the door behind me...walked out to the back to put the stuff in the trash and realized that I forgot to get the trash from the bathroom...walked up the deck, and opened the door once again to my house...or at least I tried to open the door to my house.


Locked out of my house.

No spare key.  No neighbors with spare keys.  No remote keypad.  No StarTrek beaming field.  No way to get into my house.  Oh, and no cell phone so I can't even call a locksmith.  Oh, and it's now 10:15 PM on a Sunday night.

I remembered that before Sarah picked me up I had two windows unlocked in my I went to the front of my place, broke the screen (yay!  another thing to replace!) and opened the window - climbing over the bench out front, through the window (with closed blinds) into the inside.

Here's the BIG know, the one that's supposed to protect me from this kind of stuff didn't bark, didn't growl, didn't even whine.  NOTHING.

When I got through the door, she was trying to hide in the corner of the dining room - peeking out around the wall.  I explained that it was me and she hesitantly came forward...when she realized that it really was me, she was fine.

My point is that my dog is useless.  I should re-name her Lump.  

Don't get me wrong, I love her...but seriously, isn't one of the payoffs of having a big dog that she protect me and my place?


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Jen said...

Your dog is the complete opposite of mine!! He barks at a leaf blowing in the wind!! But he's all bark and NO bite!! In fact he's quite a wuss but I still I love him!

Your's may be a lump but she is such a cutie!!!