Thursday, February 14, 2008

Gimme' some lovin'....

So, it's Valentine's Day and I am sitting here reflecting on how lucky I am to be as loved as I am.  I mean, I don't blame you all...who can resist?  Seriously though, this day *should* be just a day where we are able to take a little extra time to show love and to receive love.

I think that we can show love to the co-worker that grates on your nerves by smiling and being nice anyway.

Why not compliment a perfect stranger - even knowing you're never going to see them again?

Why not send an email or card to someone just to say thanks for what they are in your life?

Why not monitor your thoughts today and anything you say or think that is unloving towards yourself, immediately throw that away?  I mean, love yourself enough to say and think nice things.   Personally, if someone gives me a compliment today, I'm just going to say "thanks" instead of my usual stammering to discount their compliment (yes, apparently when given a compliment, I turn into a 15 year old girl that points out the ways she is not what you just said).

Heck, we can even show love by letting the person cut in front of us in traffic without cursing at them (and for those that know me, that's a big thing!).  

Anyway, the point is that even if you're like me and you don't have a smoochy-kins, a love-bunny, cuddle-pumpkin, sugarflower or a squishy-face (I've never been good at endearments), you *are* loved!  


Will Ocean said...

It's great that there are wonderful 15 year olds out there for all of us 12 year olds.

Keep loving life - you are a blessing to us all.

McG said...

Anne, whatever you are, whoever you are, you're the kind of glue that holds this hold world together.

NO PRESSURE, though! Honest!

Love ya