Sunday, May 11, 2008


I'm not saying I *do* look like this guy, but let's just say with my new hair cut, I could look like him quite easily.


Jen said...

We need a picture of you and your new hair cut in order to compare!!

I love that commercial!!

Ginger said...

Hmmm. Well, that's unfortunate..

This commercial cracks me up. Is this what we really think of British men? I tried to get my friend Mark to sing the Berries and Cream song, but I found that the dancing part is what really sells it. Oh. And my friend Mark is British..

happyfunpants said...

It IS unfortunate.

No one at work had ever heard of the commercial...and apparently is blocked at work (whatever, what ELSE are we supposed to do???).

So, for those that might not be able to see the commercial or you tube, here is a link to it:

Marc said...

I don't think that chick looks anything like you.

Matt said...


It has been a hard day. I have had people making charges on my credit card that are certainly not approved (inappropriate midget images), demanding people trying to get me to purchase products for them, so they can have them installed at other locations, all while trying to avoid having to do any actual work.

I just realized that I do not have your email address. Email me. Now. Do it.