Sunday, May 18, 2008

Happy birthday, Jon! :)

Happy birthday to my favorite Jon. :)

Jon, the guy who squashed a roach in my room when he didn't even know me just because I was terrified.

The guy who let me cry on his shoulder and his pillow whenever I needed to - the guy who I could show up at his door, start crying and say that I needed a hug and always gave me what I needed.

The guy who when my dad forgot my birthday my freshman year, not once but twice, put up a HUGE banner that stated it was my birthday across the water fountain just to make me feel loved.

Jon, the guy who has been the big brother I never had.

There is not a thing I wouldn't do for you...including falling out your passenger door drunk and breaking your boyfriend's heirloom napkin ring.

All kidding aside, I hope you know how much you always will mean to me. Thanks for helping me learn that trusting people is a good thing, for being my mentor, my friend. For seeing me as I really am and loving me anyway.

I love's to 32 being your best year yet.

1 comment:

Jon Hey said...

Thanks for the b-day wishes. It made my day!

Here for ya always...