Sunday, May 18, 2008

More freckles than before...

I spent an hour and fifteen minutes today riding around REI.

I found a way better route than the one before. It goes down a much less busy street.

I didn't bike as far as I wanted and I didn't bike the whole time (the new route, though less busy, still had that VERY steep hill that I just couldn't pedal up the whole way). I've been taking my wheel off and DRIVING to REI or another spot just to bike - mostly because I was feeling inadequate with going on six lane streets and blaring horns. It's worked okay, but taking apart my bike to get it in and out of the car has not been great and I haven't biked as often as I had planned because of the hassle. In fact, due to many personal issues, I haven't biked in weeks.

Today I woke up and was feeling unease. With what, I'm still not sure, but it was unease. I blogged, I ate lunch, I cleaned around the house and still couldn't shake what my friend calls 'The Crazy' and I knew that talking about it wouldn't really I decided to sweat it out.

And I am so happy I did.

I got a bike because I wanted it to be a stress-reliever. And today I was so thankful that I had that. I had a ton more reasons of why I shouldn't have gone - it was 2:30 and pretty hot outside. But I knew that that is what I needed.

The wind was at my back the way down to Broadway so the way back was a bear at times, but it was great! :)

I came back home with about 50 more freckles than what I had before and a slightly saner mind.

Go me.

Not because I got back on the bike. Not because I biked 11 miles (by rough calculation via Google Maps). Not because I found a new route. Not even because I seemed to have mastered the grip shifts.

But because I listened to my body and my spirit. I didn't bury the feelings of inadequacy, of loss, of doubt, and of frustration. I acknowledged them for what they were, and did something healthy with my body instead of beating my mind up all day long.

Oprah would be proud. :)

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Ford said...

ugh, the sun comes out and I begin to look like a brown dalmatian, but I guess it's better than being translucent!

It really is nice when we can listen to what our bodies and spirits tell us, and our minds don't talk us out of it.

go you!