Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ringing sexy back...

I now have a new phone and a new cell phone service.

After much debate, I decided to switch to AT&T and decided NOT to get an iPhone. Honestly, what I need is a phone - I don't use it to check email, to play mp3s, to manage any tasks, or to send or receive pictures/media. SO I decided that spending that much money on a cool phone (albeit a cool phone) was not the right choice right now.

The phone that I ended up with is this one...
It may not look like it from the picture above, but it is one hot phone!

I love that it's a slider (so I'm not likely to call you by accident while singing in the car) style.

It's so sexy... (I're asking yourself, "How sexy IS it?")

It is so sexy that I refuse to be surprised if I get one night stand proposals after showing it to people.

I'm thinking of dangling it from a choker around my neck the next time I go out on the town.

What? Too much? :)

1 comment:

Ginger said...

If you do choose to wear your at@t evening bling on the party circuit, make sure that the ring tone is not the BGees or Gloria Estephan or anything else lame. You wouldn't want the first impression having anything to do with the Miami Sound Machine. Believe me. Pretty much stay away from anything that is just now hitting it big in El Paso..

OH! AND make sure you phone is in some sort of protective case so that if you want to dance, your phone won't be damaged by your partner's hubcap necklace..

I'm just sayin'.