Saturday, May 17, 2008

Tough Times

Okay, people. If you've noticed that my take on things have been absent or that I haven't been blogging as regularly, that's because you are right and I haven't wanted to face it.

At times, I want to blog about so many things at many things are bouncing around in my head that I think I have almost a writer's block on how or what to write. Other times, I'm afraid of putting what I am thinking down onto my blog because: 1) I don't want to read everyone's comments about how crazy I am and b) then it will be down in print and I can't take it back.

I've been following like a lot. And a HUGE part of me thinks that I would love to have something close to what she has. I see the good stuff in what she does and I love to laugh at her website. This morning I sat and watched her interview on Utah NOW (really? Is there so much going on in Utah that we have to capitalize NOW?). She's one brave cookie because she does write about miscarriages, about her daughter, and about tough things in life. And she writes and talks about the therapeutic part of writing...which is why I started this thing in the first place.

So, I'm telling myself that it doesn't matter if someone writes "BORING" as a comment to a blog I've posted, that it doesn't matter if someone's interest in reading my blog or me wanes because of what I put, and that it doesn't matter if people think that what I'm writing about is so weird that they back away from the computer slowly.

What matters is that I use it for what I want to use it for...and if you like it and want to come along for the ride, then great. I'm happy to skootch over and make room.


Marc said...


McG said...

LOL ROFLMAO 420 @ the above comment.

Anne, we love you because you are you; crazy, sane, loving and wonderful all in one.

happyfunpants said...

Brave comment, Marc. We'll see how brave you are when your shins are withing kicking distance this weekend. :) Or when my mom starts molesting your wife. Wait...that *still* doesn't speak well of me and my family. :)

In all seriousness, I practically taunted someone to do it so I guess I'm not too shocked.

Not Marc Dekkers said...

Different Marc.

Anonymous said... I know I'd never write "Boring" on anything you write- that was before I really knew how ultra-cool you were! ;)

You keep writing, and I know I'll keep readin'

Skootch over.