Thursday, May 29, 2008


A guy at work recently got a puppy.

I'm *really* trying not to tell him what to do with it, how to train it, etc. But it's really difficult.

Like, he wants to leave this three month old puppy in the backyard. He's against crating because he feels it's mean and plus - won't he get bored? Um YEAH. That's when he eats your couch or creates massive holes in the backyard.

But recently, the dog ran away (he dug out and broke part of the fence) and was found by someone who took it to the vet on the tag on the collar. (Side note: my co-worker was all, 'Cool. We don't even need a tag for it! If people find him, they'll just take him to the vet and then we'll pick him up from there!') From there, they feel he picked up kennel cough. Because it was too loud (the coughing) on Tuesday night, they decided they'd leave him outside Tuesday night because they couldn't sleep.


I'm REALLY trying to keep my mouth shut. Because in reality, what they are doing is not going to kill it. I mean, dogs have been outside for centuries and have been just fine.

But it's a three month old PUPPY who digs, gets into trouble and could choke or eat just about anything back there. That's why they need supervision. This puppy? It's a Newfoundland. So he's going to be big. I asked my co-worker if they were going to do any training and he was all, 'Nah. I'm sure it'll be fine. He only jumps a little now and besides, it's cute.'

I thought my head was going to explode.

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turleybenson said...

That's funny. I guess that sort of thing crosses all boundaries, like how hard it is for me not to scold other pregnant people who do really dumb things like eat only "diet" and "fat free" food. Why does that drive me so crazy?

Must...keep...mouth...shut (not really one of my "strengths").