Saturday, November 01, 2008

You're what?

Last night I went to a party at a house where I didn't know anyone - except for Matt and Kelly. I didn't even decide to go until about 5 PM. The party was supposed to start at 7 PM.

Things that I learned:
1) When you don't have a costume, you can make one. I went as "The Thing That Steals Your Socks From the Drier" - I wore navy blue and had socks pinned all over me.
2) When you don't use a lot of safety pins, it's easy to forget where your stash of safety pins are.
3) Walgreens only sells safety pins in containers of 225.
4) 225 safety pins = more safety pins than I will ever use in my lifetime.
5) Placement of the socks/safety pins is important. Should one become "unsafe" it would not feel good.
6) Beer pong is a game where it seems like no one ever wins. I have never played it and I think I dodged a couple communicable diseases by refusing to play.
7) Having lots of socks pinned to a person makes people think that you are "Static Cling" for Halloween.
8) Correcting drunk people on your costume title is futile. No one remembers or cares.
9) At the end of the night, socks pinned to your costume apparently gets you renamed as simply "Sock Thing."
10) See #8.

P.S. If you need a safety pin, I can totally hook pin you up.


SuperDave said...

Hey Sock thing,
LOL #6!!

Jen said...

Glad you learned those valuable lessons last night!! 225 safety pins is A LOT!! Hope all in all it was a good Halloween!!

Ginger said...

You are so freaking creative! I want to be a sock that clings to you.. Uh. That is pinned to you.. Because you are not static cling.

What? No I'm not gay! I just meant that I think you are really cool and pretty.

rich said...

I can’t believe you went to a party where they played drinking games. That’s like a half step up from a birthday at Chucky-Cheese. I thought we were all old enough to drink what we want. Even when I was in high school I thought drinking games were just a ruse to get a girl to drink enough to make out with you. It’s funny how the same people who get nauseated by the thought of double dipping are perfectly happy to chug from the community trough. Hope you had a good time though, you sock stealing beast. Did you go to the hosts room and add to your costume?

Lyn said...

That's one creative costume. Got pics??