Thursday, November 27, 2008

My dad owns a gay bar

It's true.

But first, I have to let you know that my dad is a VERY conservative guy. His family is from Alabama and his dad was in the Army. My dad grew up and joined the Army too and became a doctor in the Army. Although he retired from the Army in 1995, he still practices and will be retiring next month.

Anyway, for those that know him, my dad is a no frills kind of guy. He, in general, does not have what I would call a great sense of humor. Very stern and quiet.

My dad just bought his first house since my parents seperation... in 1995. As in 13 years ago. Anyway, the house, as I found out yesterday, is beautiful. Not my taste, but I'm not 65.

So in the guest bathroom on the main floor, I saw this sink. Again, not so much my taste.

It's surrounded by a mural on the wall.

A closer look and I saw the bar of soap:
Niiice. I think it goes nicely with the gold flecked sink.

My goal this weekend? To broach the topic gently and try to find out if he is doing it because he has a sense of humor or because he wasn't aware what it implies.


Jen said...

Very interesting!!

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!!

Love you


Bonnie said...

Too funny! Should be an interesting conversation.

Ginger said...

Laughing so hard! You gotta love the holidays!!

Amy said...

Oh my. That is something you do not see every day.

I just read the title from my blog and thought it was a real "Bar" and thought that is pretty neat. Then I saw your post and kind of laughed a little...
Why?? I thought it was the drinking kind of bar not soap and at first I thought you were showing the bathrooms at this bar.

patailey said...

I want to know where my name came from.

SuperDave said...

Too fancy to wash your hands in?
What kind of Doc is your dad?