Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Advance in technology that does not, in fact, make your life easier

Have you heard?

There is a new thing for the lazy Americans - when getting off the couch or even just pushing the buttons on your cordless phone seem too hard.

Instead, you can order Domino's pizza through your TiVo.

You can watch a Domino's commercial and then indicate via your remote that you want to order it. You can do it all via the remote...except enter your credit card order. You must have cash when you get the pizza.

Now, in general, I would be happy if my TiVo did anything else for me. It already is one of my favorite electronic advances...I mean, it remembers what programs I want to watch regardless of what time slot it gets shoved in. It knows when Daylight Savings Time is AND it doesn't blink 12:00.

But really? Ordering through your TV? That just sounds like that would take way more time. Even if you live in a cellular Bermuda Triangle like I do (yes - I live close to downtown Denver...which apparently means that signal strength should be at a minimum), wouldn't it be easier to open the laptop and order the computer via wireless internet? My computer is handily located close to my couch at all times. So, see...I'm not dissing the idea of being lazy even doing anything that you can on your couch. But it just seems like this idea would not make my life easier.

But here's the thing that I think is truly funny. You can arrange to have the pizza delivered or you can go and pick it up.


Who are they marketing to? I mean, SERIOUSLY. Why even have that as an option? WHO is going to go through that kind of pain to order using buttons that in no way are as easy as a keyboard or talking to a live person and then go ahead and drive to the store?

I'm genuinely perplexed...


Patty said...

So true. The technology I'm waiting for is when you can change the TV using your cell phone. I almost always know where my phone is but not the remote.

SuperDave said...

Don't knock us pizza ordering TIVO people! haha

Amy said...

I did not know you could do that. I only knew you could go on line and order pizza.

SuperDave said...

I just checked the weightloss figures for the week and updated mine.
17 lbs! you go girl!!!