Tuesday, November 25, 2008

That's what she said

My co-worker had to bring in his almost 3 year old daughter today. She is adorable. She has the BIGGEST eyes ever...like she really looks like Dora with her Disney character sized eyes.

Anyway, she can't pronounce things just right yet, but when she comes by she happily sings and hums and babbles while her daddy is working in the cube right next to mine.

Today, a few of us were talking to her - asking about Santa, etc. All of the sudden, she pointed to one of the guys and shouted, "You are a penis!" All of our mouths dropped open and we looked to the dad as to what we should say or do.

Apparently, she means to say "peanut" (which is an endearment her parents use) but can't quite get that those words are different.


SuperDave said...

The funny thing is, Sadly I use penis almost daily in my conversation. hahahaha
Goes with my territory I guess....

McG said...


Sure... I'm SURE she meant to say PEANUT. Sounds like she's been listening to daddy while he's driving too much.