Sunday, November 09, 2008

Happy birthday, Ginger (+1 month)

So I decided that I might never again vow to remember everyone's birthday and use a picture...mostly because I don't have pictures of all of you guys in a form that I can put on my computer. I really wanted to scan in a particular favorite picture of Ginger, but I didn't. This meant that I missed her birthday one month ago today. I feel like poop. I did email her in the morning, but without a picture, I felt bad about posting a birthday message.

Weird? Why, yes.

Anyway, without further ado, I give you Ginger.

You can tell it's Ginger because she is cute and has hair and eyes. Also, it is labeled Ginger. See, I still can't scan the pictures in color - so this is all I could do. Knowing that the 9th was this weekend, I drew it and scanned it in at work so I could show you the beautiful rendition of her.

Ginger and I went to high school together - but she and our other friends actually were a year ahead of me. However, since getting on myspace and blogspot, we've been able to reconnect in an honest way...and I've gotten to know her all over again. She is such a thoughtful person - and she posts about things that I absolutely love, like "Night" by Eli Wiesel and ideas and complaints about the way our world is. She is a high school english teacher and what I can say is that if she would've been my teacher, I would've found English MUCH more exciting. Wait. That sounds like I'm hitting on her. What I mean to say is that I believe that she would TEACH and also be there - even for the social misfits like me.

She just had a baby, Jack, this summer and before that I went to her baby shower and got to meet her husband, Rich. I remember drinking at the shower and also making inappropriate comments about nipples. Definitely one of my finer moments.

Ginger is a fantastic person - warm, inviting, thoughtful, and beautiful - inside and out. She is someone I'm looking forward to getting to know better...even if when she's talking about literary geniuses and all I can quote is Dr. Suess. Seriously though, Ginger is one of those people that when you meet, you feel welcomed and accepted.

Basically, I want to be Ginger when I grow up.

P.S. Today happens to be Rich's birthday. Don't worry - I'll wish him happy birthday in a month...


Jen said...

She is a fantastic person, I agree!! Love the picture!! Too cute!

Happy Birthday Ginger!! Oh yeah and Rich too!!

Ginger said...

(gushing and blushing)
Too much. Seriously.
And thank you.

p.s. Not that the pictoral rendition isn't perfect, especially since all art should be flawed, lest it immitate God and therefore is perfectly imperfect, but I just wanted to mention to those who do not know me, I do actually have elbows. Just sayin'.

happyfunpants said...


Out of all of the things that are so horribly off, you chose to point out that you have sweet of you to not point out the myriad of other things.

Ginger is also does not have a big face, has a nose, does not have the arms like a T-Rex, has two knees and (I believe) rarely wears triangle shaped muumuus.

Oh, and she's not actually a stick figure.

Patty said...

Hi Anne. I truly love reading your blog. I think you are too funny. I don't know Ginger but I think the picture is too cute.

And...I've given you the I Love Your Blog Award. You can head over to my blog to get all the info.

Amy said...

That is way too funny. I think you are a wonderful drawer and writer. I also enjoy reading your blog.
Congrats on your award. I know both Ginger, Jen and I just met Patty...

SuperDave said...

Your skill at drawing is amazing!