Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pillow talk

Last night, after saying our goodnights and sweet nothings, Joe put on his CPAP mask and started to fall asleep.

I, on the other hand, couldn't stop thinking about random stuff. 

One thing led to another and then I asked this question aloud before I was even really aware of it.

"Do people in comas poop?"

P.S.  For the record, Joe says yes because bodily functions still happen even if you're in a coma.  I get that, but after the first few residual poops, how is there anything left to poop out?  I mean, aren't you pretty much just taking in saline solution with vitamins via an IV when you're in a coma?  If so, wouldn't that NOT produce waste?  Or do they put in a feeding tube?  If so, why? I mean, wouldn't that make everyone's life harder?  But if it's just IVs, does your pooper/intestines wither away without use? 

P.P.S. You're welcome.


K-Ram said...

While in a coma, you do still continue to poop, but you obviously don't have any control over when it happens. You are hooked up to a catheter and a colostomy bag, and after a while of only being on an IV the "poop" is not what an every day human's poop is like.

So, you are both kind of right!

kristi said...

Are these really the most pressing questions on your mind??? :)