Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Awkward silence after saying something offensive? I have the solution!

Have you noticed that people are saying, "I'm just saying" after a statement as a way to get away with whatever they just said?


"Your hair looks like it hasn't been brushed today...I'm just saying!"

"Did you get those pants from an old couch? I'm just saying..."

"I can't stand that girl. She kinda' smells like poop. I'm just saying..."

What is with that these days?

Gone are the days of apologies for saying mean things. Now we are freely admiting that we said them and offer no form of regret. Even the "I'm just saying" seems more of an afterthought...tagged on to the end of a sentence that someone else found offensive - just to kill the awkward silence.

Moreover, why are we accepting whatever that person says JUST because they add that phrase on the back end? I mean, I find that my feelings are soothed by someone adding that statement on the end...even though what they did say was a little offensive. And no, my happy fun pants have never been mistaken for old couch fabric. :)

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