Friday, January 18, 2008

I've got your number

People, please take note:

The proper cadence while leaving your phone number on a voicemail is this: first three numbers (pause) next three numbers (pause) last four numbers.

It is not ten numbers rushed together nor is it some random combination of numbers and pauses.  When someone does that it forces me to waste precious minutes of my life hitting 4 to listen to your whole, rambling, what seems like 15 minutes of your message all over again...waiting for the last 3 seconds of the message where you muck it up.  Also, if you're from a different state, you leaving the last seven digits of your number doesn't do me much good.  I am not a mind reader and cannot pick up on the subtle accent that would distinguish your area code as one from Henderson, Nevada versus Sparks, Nevada.

Please pass it on to those who you love or who might ever call me and leave a message - namely those that are looking to purchase valves in the western states...consider it a public service announcement.

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