Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Believe it or not, this post actually is about pants

You know that tagline below my headline? The one that reads, "Note: This blog is not about pants."

Well, today it is wrong because this post actually *is* about pants.

Last week, I went to my doorstep and saw that I had a box waiting for me. I was pretty excited because I thought that the 3 pound ball of cheese that I had ordered from Mississippi State had arrived.
I looked at the label and saw that it was addressed to someone by the name of "Austen" and it had a last name that is CLOSE to mine, but not actually mine.

Upon closer inspection, it turns out that my address was actually printed out (via UPS) on the label and then slapped on top of the original label. The original label was sent to Austen in the city of Elizabeth, Colorado.

Apparently, someone at UPS thought that our names were similar enough and changed the shipping address.

What I found when I opened the box (what? At this point, I had no idea if it was to me or not) was this:

That's right. What you're looking at are two pairs of pants. One looks worn and one looks new. Both are size 34 pants - men's pants.
No note. No explanation. Just pants.
Even the "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" had a note, right?
I've since contacted the sender who doesn't want to call UPS to straighten it out. I've called UPS who insists that they would never change addresses.
And in the end, I STILL have two pairs of pants and NO CHEESE.
I just think it's so strange, don't you? Like, I really want to take pictures of the pants in various situations - so that when the rightful owners get the pants, they're able to feel good about where their pants have been.
Should I name the pants?
Should I write a short story about the pants and all the things that they've seen?
Should I put all sorts of weird things in the box when I send the pants on? Like pictures from Awkward Family Photos and indicate that those pictured are my family members? If so, just so you know, my favorite is this one.
What do you think?


kristi said...

That is so WEIRD! Unless, of course, it is a secret fan of your blog who wanted to show admiration by sending you what? Pants!! I wouldn't classify them as happy or fun though.

Ginger said...

I absolutely support the pictue pants project! Seriously. Do it.
I'm not kidding.

p.s. Good luck getting your cheese back from Austen..

Misspudding said...

I've been totally AWOL from blogs the last two weeks since I was in St. Louis.

I think you could send them here and I'd take a picture of them visiting the Space Needle, Pike Place Market, Mt. Rainier...