Friday, August 20, 2010

Workin' it out...

Last weekend, Joe and I were walking around downtown when we happened to encounter an older man with a younger woman on his arm.

She was wearing a skin tight glittery outfit - with boots that had 6" platforms on them.  Her hair was "teased to Jesus" as my friend Mike says...and her make-up looked like she might've been in some sort of Broadway production later that night.

But oh-boy was she draped all over that man.

Joking, I turned to Joe and said, "I have that outfit!  In fact, I would've worn it today, but I was thinking about wearing it to work tomorrow."

To which, he said, "Uh, Anne?  She already IS wearing it to work."


The Babe said...

I can't believe you saw me downtown and didn't stop to say hi! ;-)

As we used to say in North Texas (aka Oklahoma), "The higher the hair, the closer to God."

Kris said...

ahhhhhhh, hahahahahahahaha!!! Funny!

Lisa (the girls' moma) said...

That Joe. He's got all the great lines. BAZINGA!