Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Honestly, it's because I'm neurotic

So, my blogging friend, Patty, gave me this award that is apparently called "The Honest Scrap" Award. Apparently you're supposed to write 10 honest and slightly random things about yourself and then tag other people to encourage them to do the same.

Here goes:

1. I love the IDEA of this award, but the name is silly. Honest Scrap? I think it should be called the "Honest Crap Award" or maybe even "The reason you're going to look at me funny the next time you see me Award" mainly because it's supposed to have random crap about you - apparently brutally honest things. And I have this weird desire to shock you somehow. Wow. I just wasted #1. Sorry, Patty.

2. I am not really a redhead. People, I've been trying to figure out a way to tell you...but I just couldn't figure out the right way. I am naturally a blonde. Sometimes it turns a reddish/golden blonde in the summertime, but basically I'm a blonde. I feel so guilty when someone compliments my hair because I totally want to scream out that it's not real...as if I shouldn't be taking credit for something that is fake. I'm getting better at not belting that out to complete strangers, but I feel uncomfortable with people complimenting it. And OH MY GOSH I get asked if it's natural several times a month. It's probably the question that I get most often...well, other than "No seriously...WHAT is wrong with you?" For the record, I don't know a redhead that DOESN'T get asked that question and I'm just shocked. I mean, if you want to ask, just assume that it is fake. That goes for anything: boobs, noses, hair, babies, limbs, whatever. If you're in doubt, it's probably not authentic.

3. I owe Jennifer a post about purses. And um...here is a picture of my current purse. I love it. It's purple (which I typically don't like) and is made of crinkle leather...but doesn't it totally look like the hips of a pair of low-slung bell bottoms? Yeah, I thought so too. I bought it at Wilson's Leather as they were going out of business. I love it because it's not black or tan...and that means that I don't have to change it to match anything. I love lazy. Also, it goes remarkably well with my MINI. Yeah, baby, yeah! I know, this probably shouldn't count as an honest thing from me...other than I HONESTLY feel horrible when someone tags me and I don't do it. Because I'm neurotic.

4. I decided on Saturday at my appointment with my hairdresser that I needed to have more pronounced bangs. And I hate them. So I'm currently trying to sweep them to the side so it doesn't look quite so bad. I tried to take a picture, but my hair looked SO stupid in all of them except for this one which is, somehow, fitting.It looks SUPER stupid and I guess I feel like I look like a kindergartner. The good news is that they will grow out...but I feel oh, so stupid. Kind of like those people that shave their dogs or cats in the summer, but leave them with leg hair so that it looks like they're wearing leg warmers. You KNOW that they're walking around feeling all stupid like. And because I clearly didn't say it enough in this paragraph: STUPID.

5. Poodles kind of creep me out. And I get that mixing them with other dogs makes their owners less likely to break out in hives, allergies, or even acne but I'm SO tired of hearing about the -oodle ending to any given name. Labradoodle, Goldendoodle, Googledoodle. I don't like it. First, they sound like cookies. Who wants to pet a cookie? Unless that's code for something, you can count me out. Second, it's like Brangelina or Bennifer. DUDE. No one does that anymore. So stop doing it to dogs. Also, those dogs totally look like muppets. No really. LOOK AT THEM. Closely. They're all shaggy and have deep black eyes that make you want to hug them. They're cute...but it's almost like seeing Kermit in real life. You think that you'd like it, but when it comes down to it, it'll creep you out.

6. I have not bought a box of Girl Scout Cookies this year. This is a big accomplishment. "Bob" even posted a GS cookie sign up sheet for his niece...who is like 4 and is quite possibly the cutest little Asian girl I've ever seen. He typed up a little note saying that this was her first year in Brownies and that she really wanted to get a patch. He attached a picture of her in her Brownie uniform and then he made her sign the note with "Lily." Which makes sense that that is her name because it is so freakin' adorable. And her writing of her name was all innocent and childlike and I just wanted to buy all of the boxes of cookies. But I didn't. Because buying the cookies would mean that I would eat them. ALL OF THEM. So I didn't buy them. Actually, I think THAT should be an award that people could post on their blogs. Something like "I Survived Girl Scout Cookie Season And Didn't Gain 25 Pounds." Catchy.

7. I am currently dating someone on a regular basis. So I didn't know how to tell you guys and it's not a big deal...really. But he's a pretty nice guy who makes time for me and treats me better than a lot of other guys that I have dated in he past. He gets that it's the little things that mean a ton to me. He and I have known each other for years. I don't know where it's going or even if I really want it to go anywhere. Here's what I do know: it's not exclusive but neither am I really looking to date anyone else, he's not dating anyone else and in no way indicates a desire to do so, he gets more about me than some other people I've been with, I'm having a great time, and he seems to have a knack for frustrating me faster than others I've been with. So I might kill him or I might keep him. It's SO not a big deal. I'm not in love...just "in like" for now. But it's nice to be involved with someone and know that I can blog openly about it if I want to. Okay. I guess it's a big enough deal because I'm writing about it.

8. I hate the feeling of cotton. Not like cotton shirts (because it usually has some sort of additive that makes it not feel icky)...but those super soft, plush, and fuzzy blankets? I can hardly touch them without getting the eebie jeebies. And don't even get me started on the sound that cotton makes while pulling it apart. That's the sound that I imagine is in Paris Hilton's head ALL DAY LONG. Noise that hurts my earholes and makes me want to comment about how "hot" things are.

9. I don't like yellow gold. At all. Ever.

10. Last year, there was a mouse in my place. To be honest, there were three. And after seeing them, I didn't sleep very well for a week - I slept with the lights on and walked everywhere stomping loudly hoping that my stomping would some how frighten them in the way that the giant from "Jack and the Beanstalk" frightened Jack. I felt incredibly silly... aware that I was acting like the step-mom from "The Parent Trap" when she cracks sticks together to scare away any potential mountain lions. I also put down about 20 traps. In a 750 square foot townhome. I'm not even kidding...there was one trap every 3 feet or so. Oh, and I bought those electrical things that you plug into your outlets to keep the bugs and mice away. I totally spent over $100 on traps and electrical transmitters. BECAUSE I'M NEUROTIC. One day the mice were gone and I haven't seen them since. But I still have those frequency transmitters in almost every socket because I'm afraid to take them out for fear that the mice will come back. And seriously it sounds like I'm living right underneath many power lines...constant buzzing. And I'm so not kidding. It's probably giving me some form of ear cancer, but I DON'T CARE.

Since rules are rules and you're supposed to tag someone, I officially tag: YOU. :) Seroiusly, other than Jennifer, I don't know who would do this. If you want to write about this kind of stuff, I promise, I'm interested and I'll read it. I just don't want anyone else to feel like they HAVE to do it because I tagged them. BECAUSE I'M NEUROTIC.


Patty said...

Yay! Thanks for playing, Anne. You lived up to my expectations. I laughed out loud on a few. Love the purse! Oh and I'm so happy that you are dating. Keep us posted on what happens.

Ha, and it looks like Jen gets her award after all.

Amy said...

Girl, you had me rolling the whole time. I just did not know what to think. I think your hair color and bangs look great. I am sorry you do not like them. I also am happy to hear that you are dating someone. :). Can't wait to hear about it. Love the purse. Have a nice day.

SuperDave said...

aWWW #4. haha You girls fret about your hair so much. Us guys usually don't have a clue.
Hurrah for #7 - so no more date sites!
Silly girl!