Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hear that? That's the sound of me slapping my forehead. Repeatedly.

So Chassis is not, in fact, getting better. LOOONG story short, she's better in one sense and not in another. So I'm taking her to get an ultrasound tomorrow. I'd like to say that again. My DOG is getting a friggin' ultrasound tomorrow. Actually, she's getting an ultrasound and some grooming in her lady bits area. Oh, and they have to shave my dog first. Yeah. My dog that is over 4 feet long and almost as tall is going to have a shaved nether region. Because she's so tall, everyone can see her shaved area. That's not going to look weird AT ALL.

Anyway, because of the scheduling of the ultrasound, I had to cancel my long awaited trip to visit my friend Mike in Seattle. So I called Mike yesterday to explain what was going on (I let him know Monday that it was iffy) and to apologize. We laughed, we talked, we planned on when I can come to his place again. I am bummed about it, but I am so thankful that Mike and his wife are understanding.

At one point, I thought that my iPhone had dropped the phone call because I heard a series of beeps. So I said, "Ohmigosh. Did I just lose you?" And since there was no immediate answer, I shouted, "MOTHERF*CKER!"

And then he said, "Uh, no. Still here."

Apparently, I was getting another call. And all I'll say about my foul language choice is that yesterday was a bit of a tough day emotionally - Chassis stuff aside - so I was justified. Also, technically, he has fathered two kids. So he IS one. I'm just saying.

Anyway, fast forward to today, when I opted to sign into Facebook to wish my friend Jo a happy birthday. And that's when I saw that she wrote on Mike's wall. So I jumped over to his wall only to find out that YESTERDAY WAS HIS BIRTHDAY.


So on his birthday, I call him up, cancel plans, call him a motherf*cker, and then don't wish him a happy birthday. Yeah. Apparently I'm that kind of friend.

You're welcome, Mike.


turleybenson said...

Hey Anne, I've thinking about you. And poor Chassis. I hope everything turns out fine.

And I want to thank you for the nice thing you did for my sister. You=da bomb.

Kris said...

I am pretty sure, in all seriousness, that you ARE a GREAT friend, and Mike knows that! I am thinking of you and the puppy.

kristi said...

I'm sending good vibes to Chassis for a full recovery! I feel so bad. I'm sorry that you had to cancel your trip. I'm sure Mike understands... I feel guilty that I laughed when you called him an MF'er... you know, since it was his b-day and all :)

monica said...

Ok ... have been behind on posts AGAIN (I know ... pathetic!!) ... and I'm sorry ... but your post completely cracked me up!! STILL over here chuckling ... I'm sure Mike understood your frustration too ... :-)