Tuesday, August 25, 2009

When dating REALLY sucks

So there is a guy at work that is actively trying to date. He's one of the people that got dumped a little while ago. :( Anyway, he's a nice guy but he's making some interesting choices.

Two weekends ago, he opted to pick up on a friend's friend. She was at the bar with all of them and was getting drunk. One thing led to another and he took her to his place. Another thing led to another and apparently he had his shirt off. At some point in the night, he mentioned that he liked a vampire series that was on HBO. So when his shirt was off, she whispered seductively in his ear, "I want to suck your blood."

He thought she was kidding.

She wasn't.

What ended up happening is that he had a MASSIVE bruise on his arm and bite marks on his neck. The bruise has faded to that yellowish/brownish color...and he actually was worried that it was starting to grow. So outlined parts of the bruise with a permanent marker to determine if it was growing day to day. The result is that it looked like a big yellow circle. And that's when he showed it to me.

So I BEGGED him to let me make it better.

And I did. See?
Again, nothing other than a black permanent marker was used. That yellowish color? All his/the vampire's doing.


Rebecca Jo said...

HOLY COW!!! That's gotta hurt... but at least you did make it a much happier ouchy!

JayneSees said...

I can't stop giggling....poor bastard. I hope he has better luck!

Kris said...

o'h Anne, such a happy outlook on life!

kristi said...

You know what they call girls like that on the HBO series? Fang bangers. That looks totally painful and that girl must be totally insane.