Monday, September 14, 2009

The Silver Beaver

It's probably a well known fact that I giggle at inappropriate times - like when people say "do do" or "poop" or "#2" or "pianist." If it isn't a well known fact, well... it should be. What you may not know is that sometimes usually I stick my foot in my mouth.

As an example, last weekend, I went to visit my friend Kelly. We ended up meeting with her mother-in-law to get something for the dead people duvet. And the mom? She looks SO much like her son (or vice versa) that I couldn't help but tell her that. She said something like, "I know. He does look a lot like me - he even has my hair!"

I said that it was uncanny how much they looked alike...and then I took it a step too far with: "Like, you guys have the exact same face! I mean, they're almost interchangeable!"

And then she made a funny face. The kind of face that lets you know that you said something NOT OKAY.

I get that face a lot.

So I tried to fix it with, "I'm not saying that you have a masculine face. Or that he has a girlie face. No. Your faces are fine! " Needless to say, my qualification DID NOT FIX IT.

So when Kelly suggested that she, her husband, his mom, and I go out to lunch the next day, my eye started twitching. OMG - the PRESSURE! I was all, "I did that damage yesterday in 5 minutes - and you expect me to behave for an HOUR?"

Turns out, I did a good job of NOT talking. I did my best to ask questions to the MIL that were appropriate. I did a great job.

UNTIL... They were all talking about how the dad (who was not present) has done a lot in his lifetime for the Boy Scouts. I know nothing about Boy Scouts. There were no little boys in my family so basically all I know about them is that they know how to tie knots and they sell popcorn.

Anyway, someone actually said, "Yes - he's actually done so much that he got a Silver Beaver!"

I almost did a spit-take with my water. I looked wide-eyed at the people at the table and they were completely serious.

All I could think to squeak out was, "I'm sorry...Silver Beaver, did you say?"

And then here were the comments:
"Yes, yes! They don't give Silver Beavers to just anyone, you know."
"You have to work REALLY hard to get a Silver Beaver."
"You can't ask for a Silver Beaver, you know. You just get one - it's a surprise."

There were others but I think I blacked out because there were so many jokes FLOODING to my head all at once.


For the record, I really wanted to have the title of this post to be "How I know I have the humor of a 13 year old boy..." but it turns out I've already used that one. Probably not a good sign.

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McG said...

OMG. Silver Beaver! Do they have gold or platinum ones too? What does it take to earn one of those?