Thursday, September 24, 2009

I hope it was good for someone

I'm sick with a cold. It's one of those colds that comes with a whistling in my nose every time I breathe. The type of cold that means that I have tissues stuffed into every pocket of every piece of clothing that I'm wearing. It means that my hands are chapped from being washed often and my nose is red from all the wiping.

It's sexy.

So last night, I opted to take some NyQuil...and then later took some Tylenol PM. See, I was out of regular Advil and I had decided to take a boxing class at the gym yesterday. So I knew I was going to be sore and taking pain medication (albeit no anti-infamatory medicine) seemed litke a good idea. The only problem is that when I took the Tylenol PM, I had forgotten about taking the NyQuil. When I remembered it, I figured I had about 7 hours of sleep ahead of me, so I probably wouldn't oversleep or anything. It was probably going to be fine.

This morning, after hitting my snooze button for an hour and a half (I'm not kidding), I walked to the bathroom to take a shower. Around the time that I got there, I realized that I wasn't wearing any fun pants.

To be clear, I went to bed wearing fun pants.

So I shuffled back to my bed and I'm not kidding you, my pants are NO WHERE to be found. They're not mixed in with my covers, they're not under the bed. They're not in the bathroom and they're not in the fridge.

I lost a pair of fun pants last night...and that sucks because I LOVE that particular pair of fun pants.

Maybe this is one of those things I can blame on living close to an electrical pole.


Reality said...

You make me laugh.

JayneSees said...

That's some good Nyquil....