Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Wait, what??

You know how when people blog about their dreams and you'd rather stick a sharp pencil in your eye rather than read all the nitty gritty details?

Me too. I hate that.

So anyway, last night, I had a bunch of dreams that were filled with really horrible situations. I could get all philosophical about them, or I could just tell you that it sucked. Hard. I woke up and just couldn't shake all the crappy stuff that happened in them. :(

Anyway, my mom sent me an email asking how I was doing...and I was grumpy and still groggy. So I basically said that to her and explained why.

This is her response:
I am so sorry about the nightmares. Hope that you will have pleasant dreams tonight!! It is nasty when you cannot shake them off. If I could help let me know.

I hesitate to say something but - - check into the possible effects of having an electrical pole so close to your home.
Great. So now I have to worry about power lines being the cause of my nightmares AND that cheerleading may kill me at any time.

Seriously, do any of you guys know what she's talking about? Because if I can blame more things on that (tardiness at work, mixing up words, or mis-matching my outfits), I'm game.


kristi said...

A high-voltage power line runs by my apartment. I leave my windows open at night so I can absorb the extra zappiness. Power lines contribute to bad hair days, nervous ticks, and Turets. Enjoy!

happyfunpants said...

Ahhh...extra zappiness.


That phrase is cracking me up. :)

Amy said...

Hope you are having a great Summer. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello...

Ginger said...

So Rich, the all knowing one, says you're safe. He thinks.

Nice of your mom to help you feel better with a little jab of anxiety on the side. Awesome.

McG said...

Hey... Whenever you have a really bad nightmare, just think of this dream I had the other night:

In the dream I was watching an episode of Oprah where a transexual was showing of her newly received p***y. Like on the show. And I saw it!!!

Then later I ran into the tranny in a office/fashionista studio/exercise studio where she was working out talking about knee cancer and tranny sized panty hose.

I'm terrified of getting knee cancer now!!!