Thursday, March 13, 2008

My big baby :)

Last night I was reading before I went to sleep.  My dog (who I could hear in the other room, snoring soundly) all of the sudden woke up and ran into my room (which is rare - I really have a small bedroom) and just stood there, leaning next to the bed with this worried look on her face.

Poor baby, I think she had a nightmare...and came to me to protect her.

So I leaned down and gave her tons of loving.  I reassured her that it was just a dream, that she was a good dog, and that nothing was going to hurt her.  About five minutes later she backed out of the room (yes, it's that small) and went to go to sleep.   I encouraged her to get on the bed if she wanted to before she left, but apparently because she is never allowed up there, she was either confused or scared a little of that too.

Awww...she may be big, she may be a baby, but she's my big baby. :)

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Jen said...

I love reading posts about your doggy!! She seems like such a sweetie!