Saturday, March 08, 2008

CAT and Zoltar

Remember this week?

It was the week of two life-changing epiphanies.  In the past month, I've applied for 4 different jobs...three in the lovely Peoria, Illinois area and one in the UK.  All with Caterpillar.  Now I think there is a 99.9% chance that I will not get hired in the UK... because realistically, what company would take a chance on a new hire like that, but you never know.  And hey, I'm young, I'm single, and well unsure about what life will bring.  The Peoria jobs are all Black Belt jobs (hi-YA! <--karate sounds, not sounds of a friendly neighbor!) and Process Control Engineer jobs... basically, I'd be responsible for making things better.  And HELLO!  I do that naturally. :)  In all seriousness, it'd be making processes more efficient, less costly, etc.  The big thing that I was struggling with is the idea of leaving Denver.  You know, the place that I've wanted to come back to most of my life.  I've lived in Denver longer than I've lived any place else my life (7 years when I was younger and the past 5 years) and I guess it's as good of a place to call home as anywhere else.  

A good friend of mine asked me today to make a list of the top 10 things I love about Denver.  I was glad to do so because first, I love me
 a good list.  Secondly, it made a lot of sense...and helped me realize that there really is nothing that is holding me here to Denver.  It was a sad revelation and I'm sure John Denver is shaking his head and sunshiny shoulders at me on this one.   I mean, what was most prominent to me the sense that I just want to know?  And apparently it's not in Denver...and it might not be in Peoria.  But I want to belong to someone, something greater than myself.  

So, long blog short (too late?) I've decided that Peoria, Illinois is my new place to be.  If you've ever seen, "The Secret," know that I'm putting it out there in the universe.  Also, note that I don't think that God and the universe work just like know, the like the wish machine from "Big."  But I do believe in the power of positive thought...and feel like nothing is hurt by asking for what you want.  Anyway, I also have faith that if that is not where I am supposed to end up, then it won't happen.

You know, now that I think about it, I'm kinda' scared of publishing this post.  I mean, it's scary to think that I'm declaring that that is where I want to live and that is where I'm trying to live...and yet nothing has happened yet.  Yikes!  Okay, I'm going to post this...just don't think I'm lame if I don't actually get the job...especially not at first.  Kelly (the CAT connection) said that it'll probably take a while for me to even get interviewed.  I mean, I haven't done any engineering or manufacturing work for 5 years and I'd need to be relocated.  It may sound cocky, but I really believe if I can just get an interview, I think they'd hire me.  I just have to get that interview.  So people, please send some good ju-ju, some prayers, some good vibes my way on this whole new job/new career thing.  I am needing it!

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turleybenson said...

OK, had to comment because I too have been thinking lately that I think I want to move (though my hubby still thinks I'm joking). We've been here 7 years, and I'm starting to think, What is keeping us here? Not a whole lot as it turns out. Good luck! I'm tryin the Secret on this one too!