Sunday, March 23, 2008

My Easter weekend

I've been doing nothing all weekend. :)  And it's been great.  In fact, it's been decadent. :)

Friday night, I went to church (at my old church in Highlands Ranch) and then hung out with some friends afterwards.  These people are pretty cool - and if I ever leave this place, I will miss them for sure.  I never know how I'm going to feel after a Good Friday service - so I actually wasn't even sure that I would want to hang out.  But we did.  We had fun and because I was at the end of the table with the Storys I laughed a lot.  And no, I'm not sucking up just because Matt and Kelly might start reading my blog. :)

Yesterday, I pretty much just did stuff around the house - they typical laundry, chores, etc.  I watched a couple of shows on TV, but other than that, I really didn't do much.  I did get to talk to my sisters last night, which was a little bittersweet.  This is the first Easter in years where I haven't gone home to be with my family.  And I missed them.  But I also know that saving my vacation days for times when I might want an interview is smart too. 

I started reading another book (because the two that I've already started clearly weren't enough)..."One Last Scream."  Anyway, it is CREEPY!  I think I said before that scary movies absolutely creep me out.  This book, which I started reading last night, is about a girl who has black-outs and she thinks that she's murdering everyone around her.  AGH!  I stayed up last night until three and had nightmares all night long about it.   I was so scared!   I get into books and movies apparently...well, that is if I don't fall asleep while watching the movies. :)  It's just that I have a vivid imagination.  Like last night, I was wondering what that would be like - like what if I was remembering lots of things that had happened, but they really didn't?  AGH!  SO frickin' creepy!  I remember watching the movie, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (with Pee-wee Herman :)) and there is a scene where Luke Perry is drunk on a cliff or something.  Anyway, his friend who just turned into a vampire floated up right next to him.  That scene creeped me out for a long time afterwards.  I didn't want to be by anything that had a big drop off next to it for fear that something would rise up and talk to me.  It's like I could picture it and I'd get so creeped out that I'd have to try to remember that it was ME creeping myself out.  And really?  That movie wasn't even kind of scary....AND I was a teenager - clearly old enough to know better!

Honestly, a couple of years ago I was watching a scary movie that I had Tivo'd and I had to watch it in segments.  Like when I got scared, I had to turn it off and then do something else around the house.  Anyway, I just finished the book and my heart was pounding until the end of the thing.  So yeah, just in case you're wondering...I am a dork. :)

I also have figured out that I need a new hobby.  Something to get my mind off of the feeling that I've got nothing going on in my life right now.  Because I do want to move, I don't really want to start anything new...just to quit it later.  But I have seriously got to do something with my extra time.  I've been in this constant state of flux the last year.   A year ago I was interviewing with Tyco, then leaving my job at GM, then putting my house up on the market, then breaking up with Jon, then accepting an offer on the house, then trying to find a new place, then packing up my old place, closing on both places, moving, and then came Christmas, trips to Mexico and Reno, and figuring out that I do want to move from here and change my life again.  It's no wonder that I'm feeling a little tentative about what comes next.  But since I do have a lot of extra time on my hands (the commute is SO much better since the move), I need a new diversion or hobby.  I want whatever I pick to be a good stress reliever and something that will help me be healthier.  

Yeesh - I just read through this and realized that this may be the stupidest post I've written in a while.  Matt and Kelly, please don't judge my blog based on this lame post. :)  I'll be funnier again, I promise. :)

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