Monday, October 05, 2009

Can you see me now?

The last two weeks, I've taken a boxing class at my gym. I was looking for a way to mix up my cardio and to do something fun besides just running. The boxing class is fun, it's a great way to get out any stress I have, and I leave there knowing that I put in a great workout.

But my instructor - who wears ripped shirts and boxing gloves - even though none of the rest of us do - has a REALLY weird habit.

He closes his eyes when he's addressing the class.

Like, not all the time, but if he's going to be talking for a minute or two, he doesn't look at us. They're closed during pretty much the whole time...and then every now and again, he'll open his eyes for a second - only to close them again immediately. Kind of like reverse blinking.

It's weird.

And I'd think that if he's used to being a boxer that he'd know that the best chance of not being hit would be to actually LOOK at your opponent.


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