Thursday, October 08, 2009


I live in Denver...and we have a major league baseball team called the Rockies here.

I've never been a baseball fan...which kind of sucks. Because really, I'd like to think that I could get behind any sport that allows (or encourages) you to drink beer while watching it. It's just that when I start to watch it, I usually find myself drifting off to sleep within about 2.5 seconds. Even if I'm at the ballpark, I just can't get excited about what is going on to want to stay awake.

I did go to a baseball game with my friend Jon a few years ago when I was in St. Louis. We had a great time in box seats and I even got to see a guy get beaned with a baseball on the side of his head. And let me be clear here, I'm not condoning having a horrible injury. I mean, that would suck a lot. I'm just saying, I was there when it happened.

Anyway, the Rockies are apparently in some sort of playoffs with the Phillies. I'm not exactly sure how it works, but it seems that there are about fifty bazillion games during the season and then eventually there are 3 different playoff bracket things. I think we're in the Division Playoffs right now. Next is the Championship Playoffs, which doesn't make much sense to me because the winners of those aren't the champions.

Because what comes after that is the World Series - even though it doesn't involve any other teams in the world. But again, baseball doesn't exactly make sense to me.

So anyway, a couple of guys at work are listening to the game on a stereo that is aimed at their cubes in the office (i.e. a boom box that is propped up on a chair in the hallway, powered by a 180 ft. extension cord).

And that's when I mentioned that I used to date a pitcher of a baseball team. It's true! I did. And just because I don't want to have another Josh Hernsberger situation on my hands, I'll just say that his last name is Loudermilk.

That's right.

As in "MILK!!!!!!" which is clearly louder than just "milk."

So the guys are shouting "MILK!" in my general direction - which really takes away from:
a) my ability to actually *do* my job
2) anyone else's ability to listen to the game
iii) my will to live.

It does, however, make me glad that that relationship didn't work out; that's probably a name I'd rather be without.


kristi said...

There is a band named Loudermilk. Maybe you should see if it is your ex-boyfriend. In that case, you could have been dating a person who plays in a band instead of a person who plays with balls.

Sally said...

Yeah. Who wants to be Mrs. Milk?

Kind of like me not wanting to marry a "Slutsky."