Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Steadfast, revisited

I never do this.

I never go back to posts from one year ago to try to see what was going on in my life.

But today I decided to search through my archives to find three good posts for a project that I'm nominating myself for.

One of my favorite posts of all time WAS posted a year ago. The title of the post and the picture in question is "Steadfast."

I went back and read it and am amazed at how I still feel the same way. I'm also relieved to realize that it's not as much of a struggle to just BE as it was at this time last year.

I'm so blessed. I'm blessed to have a group of friends (both via the interwebs and in "real" life) that love me for who I am. I'm so lucky to have a family that is constantly trying to heal itself and are supportive of my efforts to make myself a better version of me. And I'm happy that in this time of my life that I'm dating someone who seems to genuinely like me for me.

All of that support makes it easier to be the rock that I am. I know now I that I could do it by myself...but I also know that having their support and encouragement makes my goals seem more attainable and any static in the line less noisy.

This year, I'm realizing that the rush of the water isn't as fierce as it could've been...especially since I have the support and foundation of those around me.

So in case I don't say it enough, thank you.

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Jen said...

I am so glad you can see growth in yourself in a year! Don't you love blogging and the fact that we document our life? I do!! I am so glad you have a good support and foundation! So important! I am also SO excited about your new fellow!! I want to know more!!!

Thanks for your comment today! Meant a lot!! My hubs tells me the same thing you recommended like taking the pain meds right when I feel pain and I am trying to be better at taking them sooner but it just seems like I get too busy and then by the time I STOP long enough to take something I am in a lot of PAIN!! So frustrating! I am getting support from a friend at work that reminds me to slow down and take my meds so hopefully that will help!! Thanks again!! I really appreciate it!!

Love you!!