Monday, October 12, 2009

Her cackles raise my hackles

We've basically got two receptionists where I work - although both of them would rather light you on fire than admit that that's their job. One has the title of "Inside Sales Support" where she does nothing to actually help us. Unless checking her Facebook status and talking on the phone to her boyfriend is helping someone that I may not be aware of.

The lady that answers the phones all day has decided that her title should be "Office Purchasing." I don't really get that because we don't need to purchase another office. If she's referring to the fact that she does the purchasing for the office supplies, then I don't really get that either...seeing as how it took me 6 months to get a ruler. But that's another story.

So the "Inside Sales Support" lady has this laugh that grates on my nerves. It's like a cross between an evil laugh (think "Buh-wah-ha-ha-ha") and a giggle (where it's fast). She laughs a lot. And loudly.

I also laugh loudly and a most days I *try* to be understanding.

But some days, like today, I just want to hit her in the head with the lid to a toilet tank.*

*That was from a scene from "Zombieland." I'm not usually that violent. :)

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Timp said...

Ah the dreaded laugh. This is a little off topic, but kind of related. Back in the day when I was looking for a significant other I used to have a list of character traits I thought were desirable in a girl, and another list of undesirable traits to avoid. The undesirable traits could be offset if they had enough desirable traits to counter balance them.

The number one worst trait was a bad laugh. I could overlook most annoying habits or traits, but a bad laugh was usually a deal breaker, though it depended just how bad their laugh was, and just how good their other traits were. The ratio was a little something like this.

1. If they had a bad laugh they'd have to be pretty hot.

2. If they had a horrible laugh they'd have to be pretty hot and have a very good personality.

3. If they had an absolute hideous laugh that made me want to stick my finger in my eye, they'd have to be ridiculously hot, be a neuroscientist gymnast, and be the most interesting woman in the world. Even then, I'd only give it about 3 months.

My wife is a lucky woman.