Friday, October 23, 2009

Free to be... you and me

"Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken"
--Oscar Wilde

Last night, I found myself on the phone with a fantastic person. She's actually a friend of my boyfriend's. She is working on a fantastic project - one that I am so lucky to be a part of. And through us talking about the project, we've actually gotten to know each other better. And guess what? She's kind of my friend too now. I am SO lucky. :)

Anyway, during the phone conversation, we talked quite a bit about blogs.

I told her that I'm struggling. I'm struggling with blogging. I'm struggling with having two blogs. This one and Smaller Fun Pants.

There. I said it.

She asked why I started blogging and I told her it was mainly to keep in touch with people. I started by writing about my day to day life. And I get a kick out of making people laugh. Wait...I really get a kick out of making people laugh.

I love blogging. I love sharing my thoughts and I love being able to comment on other people's blogs. It's like a mini-community where you can bounce thoughts and ideas off of people. It's fun!

But I think that the people that used to read my blog, don't anymore. And that makes me sad. I wonder if I've offended people. I wonder if I've turned off people with my language or with my content. I wonder if everyone's comments are down or if it's just mine.

At the same time, I realize that I have a responsibility - one that I've been slacking in. I think I'm not as good about commenting as I once was - especially on the people's blogs that got me interested in blogging iin the first place. And I hate that...because I know that it is HARD to blog when you feel like next to no one out there is reading and/or liking what you post.

Believe me, I know. So I'm vowing to do something about it. I'm vowing to comment more - on the blogs where I know the bloggers personally and on the blogs where I lurk.

I was asked by this new friend what my favorite blog was... and I thought about all of my favorite bloggers out there. My favorites are the ones that seem authentic. They're the ones that seem like they blog about their lives - they pull me in, they make me laugh or they make me think about things in a different way. They write what they want to write and let the chips fall where they may.

THAT is the blogger I want to be. And THAT is the blog I want to have.

So there may be some changes around here. Because I want to continue to make you laugh and make your day a tad more fun. But I also want to be able to blog about other stuff that may not be so funny. I want to be my own authentic self. Because, as the quote says, everyone else is already taken.

But I'm hoping that through these changes, you'll love me anyway.

You will love me anyway, right?



Missy said...

Dammit. I had written out this long, great comment about my experiences.

Whatever. Long story short, I've had blogs and then got rid of them when either a) I failed to update them enough or b) didn't get enough feedback.

Now I just keep one real "blog" for myself (I also keep a family blog for my family to see pictures of my son). If I get feedback from people, great. If not, no big's for me only. :)

Do what you want, Anne! I'll still follow you wherever you are.

Jen said...

I completely understand! Yes, I've noticed my commenting ratio as dwindled a little too! Not sure why! I go through phases and honestly lately I feel like my blog is rather boring!

You always make me laugh and I love your writing!

I can't wait to read more of the authentic you!! I think that's great!!


Kate said...

Speaking as a (former,now, I guess) lurker who's been reading your blogs for awhile, I love your sense of humour and perspective on things (and probably should have said so before now). I hope you keep writing and sharing, for you and for us too!

Kris said...

DUH! RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joy said...

Anne! I love following your blog - I do so when I can and I think anything you have to share is wonderful!

Slackey said...

I love you and your blogs! It can be hard to keep up with everything, but I like the sense of community you can find through blogging. :)

Sam said...

Anne, you've made me laugh clear back to when I first met you in Rolla. If I'm having a downer of a day I check to see if you've blogged because as you said, your good at making people laugh.

I blog mainly to keep family updated on pictures of the kids. The one who naggs me the most about the lack up updates is my mother, 15 minutes across town as opposed to my inlaws 7 hours north.

Jen said...


Thanks for your comments on my blog!! I thought mostly of you as I wrote that post because you are always so sweet to think and ask how I am doing!!

I hope you decided to do NaBloPoMo again this year!! I totally get the frustration in lack of comments! I like your idea of committing to comment too this month!! I think I am going to do that too!!

Hope you have a great Monday!! I woke up feeling that raw feeling in my throat! I've already take airbourn so hopefully that will kick it before it gets bad!!

Love Ya!!!

Kelly Story said...

Hooray beer! Oh, distracted by the "Hooray for comments" comment. I read your blog as often as I can. Even though I talk to you in person/on the phone, I gain insight into who you are on happyfunpants. Hooray HappyFunPants!

Kelly Story said...

Hooray beer! Oh, distracted by the "Hooray for comments" comment. I read your blog as often as I can. Even though I talk to you in person/on the phone, I gain insight into who you are on happyfunpants. Hooray HappyFunPants!

kristi said...

Oops I meant to leave a comment when I read this post before, but uh, I got distracted by pants.

I LOVE reading your blog and I often come here hoping you've posted... even if it's not funny, it's still a fun way to keep up.

I know what you mean about not getting a lot of comments. I have friends who say they read my blog, but never comment. So, even though they say they read and I should feel great about that, even one tiny comment makes you exponentially happier.

Keep it up!

Lori said...

My readership has dwindled, too, and I think it's in part because people just aren't as excited about blogs as they used to be. Facebook and Twitter and the mini-updates have satisfied a lot of people's needs to be heard, so only those of us who really enjoy the "writing" aspect of the blogging are left. Well, not "only" those of us - there are plenty of people who still write and check in for whatever reason. I would take the approach of "if you build it, they will come." Provide good writing and honesty, and an audience will find you. (And commenting definitely helps!)

Timp said...

Let me just go on record as saying I hate the term "Lurker". It sounds so sinister and creepy. We're not pedophiles or stockers. We just like to watch. Is there anything wrong with that? I'd prefer the term blog voyeur.

Oh and don't be frustrated about few hits. Just because someone doesn't read a particular blog the day it's written doesn't mean it won't be read at some point in the future. I'm still playing catch up, but catch up is fun and tasty.

Ann said...

*I* am the lucky one. Thank you for being YOU, which is quite fabulous. Thank you for your patience, kind heart, and awesome blog!

Lisa (the girls' moma) said...

I agree with Lori -- I think microblogging on FB and Twitter has taken up a lot of time and attention from people who used to focus on the blog world. For me, even Flickr tends to take my "blog" energy. I've decided it's my own little microblog over there.

I don't read blogs like I used to AT ALL. But of course, since most things about my life are different now than they were a couple of years ago, that seems to fit right in.

I think you're making a good choice, as I said in the email. You deserve the right to be authentic, and to not have to always be "the funny one."

You're our Anne, and we love ALL the sides of you.